And Then One Day I Discovered My Super-Power.

“I’ve cancelled Monday, go back to bed!’ JACKPOT!

As I cruise through Pinterest on the search for motivation, and the next popular hashtag, I remind myself; Attitude, Energy and Strength. These are my Super-Powers. The realisation was actually transformational. Powerful yes, but I’m still allowed to “Cancel Monday!” Discovering your Power can be both a huge realisation, sets you on a different path, focus your Powers directly towards your goals and allow your specific attention to be directed and supported by your powers, AND undermining if you have lost your power. In my Authentically ‘me’ fashion, ‘What would Wonder Woman do?’ I often pose the question to myself, to motivate myself to find a solution to my challenges, problems and daily duties that need pondering, then actioning. This question is written on both our Kitchen Calendar and my Vision board. ‘What would Wonder woman do?’ Always a great fan of Magic, Super Hero’s and Super Powers, I do believe we all have our own Super Powers that if we tapped into them, we could lead a fulfilled life that we desire so much.

At school I would sit up the front in class, pay great attention, work for top grades and pressured myself into perfectionism. In one class, to my great surprise, I was told I had a bad attitude, the teacher isolated me from the rest of the class as it was ‘out of character’ as I made it my position usually in motivating my peers, maintained electric energy and strength, and people usually wanted to be around me, to siphon my electric and positive energy. My Bad Attitude was the result of my not liking the class and its content – ATTITUDE. It was many years later that I came to recognise and control both my Powers, though not yet realising at this point the full magnitude of my future discovery. My newly discovered ‘control’ increased my energy even further, a Domino effect was set into motion running my strength and attitude on a continual forward and re-charging motion, in turn again, more energy. Do you charge yourself as much as you do your phone? I’ve always been a big fan of Personal Development and as the years passed, I worked on myself via physical exercise, Yoga, metaphysical work and discipline, emotional and mental work and great study too – too become a Doctor, Homeopathy and Injury Specialist, and Leader in my professional field. To this day, I used to think “energy vampires’ would seek me out and surround me, sapping my electric energy and depleting me. Then it hit me, attitude and Strength IS my energy and energy is everything. THIS IS MY STRENGTH. Like that of Wonder Woman, Strength, Attitude and Energy – My Wonder Woman arms raise in a cross in the air. “You are stronger than you believe. You have greater powers than you know” – Antiope to Diana, Wonder Woman movie.

AND ONE DAY I DISCOVERED MY POWERS. The magnitude of my Powers. So then what we do then DO with our Power? for me? To “Bring It” by me, for me, then for my family and desired Lifestyle and for others. Giving is the biggest Gift of all. If I Undermine my own strength and attitude, and I’m Hijacked. To “Bring It” for my Health, via great planning and daily steps, for my Online Business yet again via great planning and daily steps, for my finances AGAIN via great planning and daily action, for my family again via continual planning and organising events. Don’t compare yourself when you are at your page ten to others’ page sixty! Use your super Powers to embrace your energy, learn to elevate your own energy, and then utilise your powers to do constructive work daily towards your Goals and Vision and for others. The process on paper seems like an easy equation, THEN life gets in the way. Therefore, Plan B and Plan C to combat life’s-hijacks is also imperative. Good solid plans formulated eases the pain of the prospect of “quitting” !! With consistency and effort, the difficulties of the process towards your Vision will abate. Times will definitely be hard and life can be exceptionally challenging, but are your prepared to roll up your sleeves and “Bring It” and exercise your inner strength?

What’s your Power?

“Empowering Strong Women; Never make your weapon weaker, use your great Powers to find your Inner Strength” – Wonder Woman.

Dr. Dee Middendorp-Hacking. Living Lovingly Personal Development.

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