Don’t trip over what’s behind you!

“Thank You, NEXT” These three words continue to resonate and bounce around in my head. Such three powerful words that gain momentum the more I ponder. ‘Don’t trip over what is behind you’, also, holds hands with these three words of great personal interest. It wasn’t until I was presented with a patients troubles in my Clinic that I found myself delivering all of these words to my Patient in one long line. The light-bulb moment for both of us, and an energetic cloud of realisation filled the room with an air of total satisfaction. “That’s IT”, my client claimed, “Don’t trip Over What’s behind me, THANK YOU, NEXT!” and she left with a renewed zest to clear out the past and be excited about her NEXT for her future. Simply ‘Let Go and Action the New’.

Energy and Zest. Motivation at it’s finest in my opinion. I was recently asked what ‘Lights Me Up?’ Without a second to re-think, I started replying. What motivates me and excites me to do the things that I do? I gratefully have a long list and continue to reply without pause. Thoughts creep in from the past and makes me question, ” Am I worth it?’ Of course I am, I reply to myself. I am enough, You are Enough.

I didn’t come this far to just come this far. Follow your course until success. Rule your mind or it will rule you. Sometimes we do struggle with the past. From mistakes, to regrets, to re-living bad habits, negative De’javu, anger, frustrations, lost loves, relationship changes, physical pains and hurt. What if we were actually have the past remain in the past and live a happy life? What IF, with a loving act, we could all move forward with zest without tripping up and letting the past events sabotage all the wonderful times we are in store for.

“Dear 2019 Self – Don’t get worked up over things that are both out of your control and that is someones else’s opinion.” Things definitely don’t just disappear, working through the past is a very important skill. Many differing things in life can trip us up and expressing ourselves is vital to remove the pain, disconnecting form it, then realise you are no longer the same as when this happened to you, then make room for the new. No doubt one of the hardest lessons to learn is the act of letting go, truly letting go. change is never easy. you may hold on a fight, but letting up is generally the healthiest and most rewarding path forward. Let go of things you don’t need, that cause drama and distress, hardship and ill health.

TIPS TO CENTRE YOURSELF – So I’ve personally come to realise its not about ‘getting over it’ or ‘JUST working through it’, It’s about coping and KEEPING GOING. The little quote of my mothers resonated with me even as a young Girl. ” Accept what it, let go of what was, and have faith while creating a pathway to what will be, trust in your journey.” I’ve has this written in my Gratitude Journey, Vision Board and Kitchen Calendar as a daily reminder for years!

*Practice Thinking Better Abut Yourself- Time to quit belittling yourself, being angry with yourself and thinking that you’re not enough. Come out from the facade of smiles into a ‘reality’ of seeing things differently. Face yourself in the mirror daily and repeat a positive affirmation that resonates with you. Your mind is where the battle is!

*Embrace the fact that you are MORE than what has broken you, or what hijacked you! When times are tough little pieces of us break off, chipped away at our soul and happiness, realise that the you are more than the sum of your parts! We usually have an idea of our Ideal us, Ideal life, IDEAL me. Picture that and head towards it. You are not just one thing, you are many things, so BE MANY, stretch and change your identity, BE THE FABULOUS YOU. shine and sparkle in your Authenticity.

*Change and Evolve – Start over again and again of needed. Ive heard many times people say, “Starting over is not an option!” WHY? This is a lie most of us hold onto. You can change paths as many times as you like, no one wins a game of chess by only moving forwards, moving both sideways and even backwards puts you in a winning position. Count your daily wins and learn from your setbacks and changes.

From now on, what should you do? Something small, baby steps, plan, be clear on the Goals you have and your Purpose. LET GO AND GROW. No pits of despair, commit to a bright future, Give yourself a challenge, set your course, rule your mind and when a memory surfaces concentrating to not letting your past influencing your future and control your fate.

“It is not in the Stars to hold our destiny but in Ourselves” – William Shakespeare.

Dr. Dee Middendorp-Hacking. Living Lovingly Personal Development

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