Say It and Live It like it’s already done.

Say it and Live it like its already done. You’ve had it inside you all along, did you know?

You’re true self is saying that you are thriving, but what you think about is what you end up manifesting. You are never too old, or too stuck, or too far gone, or too broke to dream a new dream, to set another Goal and create change. YOUR GOAL. Say it and LIVE it like its actually DONE! The realisation will hit you, clarity arrives and a clear pathway will become visible and ready for your action. The path won’t be easy but its visible and actionable. LIVE LIKE YOU HAVE ARRIVED and you will arrive! Its all inside you, now just use it!

Like wearing sharp clothing, a new well cut dress, well fitting suit, you love the flattering style and the bold, vibrantly alive print. You feel confidant and strong, you are standing tall, you talk to yourself in the mirror, “You lookin’ Fab today!” You KNOW today is different from all the other days. You walk outside and slide into your imaginary Mercedes AMG and the aroma of the leather interior fills your nostrils. Your drive into town from the beach was clear and easy even after the monsoonal rains. Unlike your usual mundane arrival in your dusty old Ford and parking way at the back, you secure a front door arrival ‘in your AMG’, hand the keys to the Valet and shimmer as you stride inside. You arrive on the third floor, exiting the elevator, unexpectedly greeted with “You are all dressed for today’s occasion, how did you know?” all presented nicely at your shimmering best, you are handed both a promotion, a glass of champagne and a company car. Not just any company car, the bosses ‘old’ AMG as she is receiving her new one. SAY IT, LIVE IT, WORK IT AS IF IT’S ALREADY YOUR REALITY.

Is willpower a limited resource for you? Willpower being a mode of self-control within the short term, to then gain in long term. Attitude. Attitude is the key. Attitude, choices and effort. Radiate energy, radiate positivity then anything is possible. How do you action all of this? Forget just positive thinking. For years self help Gurus have been suggesting positive thinking is the answer too all. However, if you truly want to improve your life you have to literally change the way you think, not just your thought patterns. Force yourself – Say it and Live It like its already done. I CAN, I WILL, WATCH ME! A sentiment I’ve always lived with, I adopted this as a young child and my mum recounts numerous ‘defiant’ and ‘willpower’ stories of mine. I CAN, I WILL AND WATCH ME.

It’s time to start telling the universe what you really do want, not what you don’t want, and to start living like you have already got it. You didn’t wake up today to be average or to have a bad day. Our mental-chatter is a self-professing prophecy, so feed it wisely with your Goal and end result in clear view.

Go for your Dreams; find a way, or make one!

Dr. Dee Middendorp-Hacking. Living Lovingly Personal Development.

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