The Ball Bay Dinosaur is half buried!

The Body can be a prison, the Mind can also be a prison, Live your Truth. Walk, and the way shall appear.

Here on our beach at Ball Bay, near Mackay, Queensland, sits a fallen tree. Not any fallen tree, it’s a true curiosity. A magical being that has been etched at daily by the lashing waves, gnarled at by other driftwood of it’s kind, and an array of aquatic residents have moved in. Housing barnacles, nestling starfish, hermit crabs occupy its casting shade, and regularly sat on and sniffed daily by the land dwellers and photographic seekers. Here lies the Ball Bay Beach Dinosaur. A loved, iconic structure discarded by the sea, a dear friend to many locals and a delight of discovery to holiday makers. He listens to all the confessions whispered by passers-by at daybreak and the heavy exhale of the sundown beach joggers, the soft chatter of the dog-walkers, and even sits quietly as the canines drench his popular sniffed areas.

Walk, and the way shall appear. You are unaware of the existence of the Ball Bay Dinosaur until you start walking down the beach. He sits at the far end of the beach down where the crocodile slid exists. Our sand is fine and Silica based (great for shining your jewellery), Soldier crabs eagerly create their little balls of sand and scatter away as you approach, shells litter the beach, and as you look up, there HE is! He is awaiting your arrival to hear your confessions, to lift your spirits and send you off with great clarity after the counselling session. As you walk, the way does actually appear. You have de-stressed and you now know what to do to figure out your problems. You realise that if you ‘do the same things daily’ and expect different results, you’re mad! Your steps are more rapid as you return to your natural life off the beach with renewed vigour.

Rain and shine, our Ball Bay Dinosaur is waiting like a BFF. A training partner whom is waiting on the beach for boot camp. He knows that to succeed in life you have to put your health first. It’s not about being selfish, its about taking pride and concern for your physical and mental state and creating a balance. The daily workout comprises activities for daily and future success; daily ‘I AM’ affirmations delivered with vibrancy to set up your future self and attainment of goals, push ups, sit ups and yoga poses. Accountability. Daily steps forward.

Today, I discovered our friend half buried! The wild full moon tide has dumped tonnes of sand and the feeling of “a friend half buried” stabbed at my heart. No shells, no hermit crabs, the urchins, all buried or departed with the outgoing tide, as are the starfish. The shore is silent. The Dinosaur is silent to. Today I walked, as I do each day, and the way appeared, again, change has occurred. My own life and my own mind, changing every day, stresses and schedules come and go as the tides do and sand is dumped unexpectedly and covers up all the beautiful things and emotional riches. Do we dig and grind away and work so hard to unearth ourselves, to return to the same as we were prior? Or do we accept change and the new beauty? Do we panic, become saddened and even angry at the rest of the world, blaming the world around us? Or do we still and quiet the mind, accepting the change and whats in front of us, and work towards different results? I pat our dear beach confidant as I was leaving to return to my natural environment off the beach, I inform him of his beauty and announce my ultimate arrival tomorrow morning. Today, I also reached one of my personal goals, one of my health goals and even pushed through to change my schedule to commence my next 30 day plan to focus on my goals, and to execute my well formulated plan to tap into my full potential. I then realised it was the first of the month, August 1st. Powerful. With great gratitude I found our Ball Bay Dinosaur half buried today!

Start to walk, and the way appears. No walk = no realisations, no action, no planning, no daily steps.

Dr. Dee Middendorp-Hacking. LivingLovingly; The Lifestyle Flippers.

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