Thankful That You Didn’t Give Up?

The time will arrive; You are now very Thankful that you didn’t give up. You’ve experienced the excitement, “I can do this!” This then travelled into “Is this worth it?” to arrive at the regretfully painful “I’ve made a bad decision,” but you’re inner voice tells you “you’ve come this far” and demands you to keep going. You repeat mantras (because you are a positive person and you wont give up, from all the hurdles and failures and endless mental chatter battles). The Universe is responding to whom you are and shifting things in your favour. You are attracting abundance in all positive arenas, practising gratitude and now finally You Are Now Thankful That You Didn’t Give UP! So whats the secret? Your vision and efforts come down to one thing – INTENTION WITH AUTHENTICITY. What is your WHY? If your WHY is strong enough, you will figure out the HOW issues.

I always WIN! Commence; Give it a go. Succeed, Fail, Learn, Fail, Learn again. Go. Go. Succeed. Win. NEXT. AND REPEAT.

That is my learning and personal experience of the cycle. Ups and Downs, disappointments, excitements and frustrations inclusive. If you continue to count your wins from every lesson presented, there isn’t an room for “failure” there is always a WIN. Challenges along the way? Absolutely! More often than none, all the time! However, i’ts your ability to adapt, learn and follow you ultimate intention.What are you actually doing this for? Whats the Goal? Do you actually see yourself living and loving the end result or is it a “hollow goal”? Just words written to somewhat motivate you? Do you really inspire yourself? It’s time to get REAL with yourself and embrace your Authenticity.

Genuine. Honest. Authentic, all rare. Why? So many of us today ultimately despise the FAKE and augmented reality, yet still seem to mirror what others do and present, knowing all the time that in this modern world transparency is highlighted! To be open, honest and true, I’ve seen individuals inadvertently create a false sense of authenticity; both external and internal, roadblocks stand in the way of becoming truly authentic. Their constructed world becomes less-authentic in reality. Viewed from an external position as FEAR and LIES! Constructs built to avoid others, and others opinions, yet in the long term, these are times on the list that have that same effect the are trying to avoid. SO, its OK to stand up and be yourself. As we relish stories of celebrities who struggled before becoming incredibly successful; how J.K. Rowling was living on welfare when she wrote Harry Potter, former teacher with a small child at home, how Richard Branson struggled with Dyslexia, how Stephen Kings first novel was rejected 30 times before finding a publisher. we eat up these stories because they emanate Authenticity. I bet too they are glad they didn’t give up? we aren’t perfect ourselves and we aren’t prefect in others eyes either, so don’t be afraid to be imperfect, truthful, authentic and REAL in all your glory!

Are you Thankful You Didn’t Give UP? Life and the duties of life can be so overwhelming, I know all about this in my busy Clinical Practice and as a Business Owner too. Stop trying to “be like them”, its all about planning. Become a strategist for yourself. Reduce your duties to ‘baby steps’ planning for every hour of the day, have a plan B strategy, WHEN it all goes off course, then plan again, your PLAN B kicks in and you’re not then overly stressed about the change. Reassess, don’t let life Hijack you, and keep going. Tick off a job or Duty, NEXT. Simple… and don’t give up on yourself, BE YOU. Your strength is that you are not perfect and that whats going to make you stand out!

So, ask yourself the question; “Are you thankful that you didn’t give up?”


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