Have you got an insane calling to be where you are not?

Here’s the truth: the little things you do every day will change your life far more than the big things you may only do once.

I too, have found myself staring out the window, my thoughts and vision alike far beyond the tops of the trees and even past the horizon. Visions of John and I walking hand in hand on the beaches of far away shores kicking off our footwear. Beyond that, Sipping steaming freshly brewed coffee and roasting marshmellows upon the open fire in a log cabin in the woods with snow falling gently outside. Further beyond through the clouds, we are siting at Happy hour with deep coloured champagne in frosted crystal glassware on the banks of a sunny river in France. Then my attention is catapaulted back to this current reality by a Mozzie biting my on my cheek. I shuffle in my firm kitchen chair at the breakfast bar as I type out my next 90 day business plan.

An insane calling to be where I’m not!

I’m sure you can relate too. When our current reality is not in direct alignment with our dreams and goals. There is an old saying that my Grandma used to tell me, “Just get all your Ducks in a line and you will be ok!” Over the years I think I actually lost all my ducks, they weren’t in a line at all, just gone! Dayreaming is a great way to find your ducks! Take some time to stop and breathe. Let a good daydream happen, when was your last one? Gazing out the window and just see what the visions your energy brings? Record your daydream and write them as goals, no matter how big! Within the Personal development Industry we say if your Goals don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough! Now think of little daily steps you can take, plan it out like a pathway to your own success, towards your particiption within your daydream goal. What needs to be done to get your from here to there?

Why not? It is easy because it can be done. We tend to stop ourselves. Why? Becuase life gets in the way of a good plan, and we ditch the plan or slow down to a snails pace. So then what do you do? STOP. BREATHE. GO BACK TO YOUR PLAN. RE-ASSESS AS MANY TIMES AS NEEDED. THEN CONTINUE. UPSCALE THE MOMENTUM. GET READY TO CELEBRATE YOUR WIN.

You will arrive at a place, on the way to your daydream destination, and realalize that your insane calling to be where you are not have dissipated and you are actually filled with happiness and contentment with where you are right now, with gratitude.

Along new path we started to walk just 18months ago, a journey away from our 9-5 jobs, towards an Entrepreneurial Journey Lifestyle, we are creating both stress-less environments for oursleves, freedom to travel, a pathway to our goals and financial freedom along with self-development and assisting others while giving back to charities both local and abroad. We have found the FUN in life again and are living more within our ‘far away daydreams’ these days as we head ‘HOME’ from our beachouse in queensland, Australia, to the USA to our log cabin in the woods for a white christmas! I’ll go buy the marshmellows and coffee beans!

Dr. Dee & John Hacking

Living Loving; The Lifestyle Flippers



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