POSITIVE MOMENTUM: A decision is better than no decision at all!

Commitment is the ignition factor, just keep moving. Movement and ‘doing’ is sometimes just simply white noise, so how does one ignite the positive momentum to catapault our lives forward? By making a decision and setting greater goals.

Momentum is greater than motivation and inspiration. Once motivated and inspired, momentum keeps up the consistency and be prepared to be a little kinder on yourself and avoid the ‘blank staring at the walls or your phone’ episodes. Know clearly where you are headed and what you are to do, and align your activities with these goals.

“Commitment is the igniter of momentum” – Peg wood

Just commence! As one our my previous blogs highlights, ‘Start and the path shall appear’, who knows; just simply commencing may provide a realisiation of doing what you need to do in a greater or more effective way with results you didn’t predict with sense of achievement inclusive of positive momentum occuring without you even realising.

We were invited, impromptu style, to a little networking event. It really didnt fit into our busy schedule but it was to support a friend, so we decided to drop what we were doing and go along. Due to the rushing nature of our departure from home, we went seemingly ill-prepared without any advertising items that we usually take along to similar events; Just chatting and attending and supporting. Due to our casual nature and easily talking freely to others, many attendees were interested in what we do here at the Lifestyle Flippers and our personal development courses and our upcoming book release, so we simply directed them to our website for more info and announcing that we were simply there to support our Host friend…the best thing that could have happened. Simply making the decision to go created unprecedented positive momentum for us personally and for our business too. New Business connections were made and four new clients signed up with us after visiting our website from that event. Attending was in alignement with our goals, we were supporting our friend and the decision made to go created positive momentum.

“Enthusiam is the energy and force that builds momentum of the human soul and mind” – Bryant McGill

Dr. Dee Hacking


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