Eat. Sleep.Create. Repeat. Creating a life you want to wake up to!

Create. Get Creative. Create with purpose. Create a life you want to wake up to. It’s not impssible, its actually quite simple if you know the steps.

An Australian, and her American Hubby, returning home to Washington for a Christmas visit, now driving across state line into Idaho for a little visit to reminisce of fond events from years prior around Coure d’alene lake, as the snow gently falls. HEAVENLY. Life is now sweet, but it hasn’t always been this way.

Consider this; the life your now living is what you’ve ultimtely created. Now consider the lifestyle of your dreams, you can also create if you know how.

Only a couple short years back, I too had created the life I was living and from the external view, its was ‘Perfect’. Seventeen years of study provided me with a career as a Doctor, Injury Management Specialist, Author, Mentor and Coach inclusive of Kids, a big house, my own successful clinics with host of loyal patients. PERFECT! I turned into an ‘Ice-Queen’! I was overworked, overwhelmed, working up to 80 hour weeks in my clinical business and stressed. Physical injuries plagued me from working long hours on my feet, I hated every minute of my day until I ‘thawed out’ somewhat. Along with an ICEQUEEN (stamped by both our kids, friends and colleagues alike) comes nill feelings and nill happiness. Then trapped within my own lifestyle I had created. Know what I mean?

From my clinical work over the years and speaking to many coaching clients of ours, I find there are four main common re- occuring desires we humans wish to create for ourselves and our loved ones.

1. A lifestyle where we can spend more quality time with our loved ones; personal relationships; offering our partners love and to be loved back.

2. To create financial freedom so we can actually LIVE the lifestyle we desire.

3. To give others support and assistance; to give back and care for others; offering meaning to the world around us.

4. To simply be HAPPY.

So HOW? How do you go from your current situation to the dream lifestyle? How did we go from totally overworked and stuck within our lifestyle we had created , to traveling the world and spending 6 weeks back home in Washington, driving in the magical snow, relaxed, having financial ability to do so, running our business on the road in a Laptop Lifestyle assisting others all over the world, and being insanely happy?

EAT. SLEEP. CREATE. REPEAT. That’s how. Getting creative, being creative and creating the life you want to wake up to with purpose. There is actully a few simple steps, yes it requites work, but simply done. Ditching the opinions of others is a big step. Not spending so much time worrying. Worrying yourself sick. Worrying about what others think as they cannot see your whole story. Your life as it stands now may ‘seem’ perfect from their eyes, but they cannot see all that is occuring within. Your magic is waiting to unfold. Start creating your own opinions about yourself and what matters the most. Start to live and become your own truth and CREATE.

The steps that changed our lives forever we have compiled and collated into a simple mini-course you can download on our website.

“CREATE A LIFE YOU WANT TO WAKE UP TO” in courses section.

I asked myself, “Do I deserve more than being an Ice-Queen.”? “Do my loved ones deserve more too?” “Am I ‘enough’ and deserved of my dreams coming true?” THE ANSWER IS YES!

Dr. Dee & John Hacking

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