From Mess to Success in 2020

Being a hot mess is simply exhausting. Stuck in a messy situation is greater than just exhausting, it’s damaging. I know you get it. Some days we can find a way to appreciate the lesson, other days we are drowning and feel like giving up. Will your 2020 be any different? New year, New decade, New You? From Mess to Success: the process lies within your emotional intelligence.

Create a winning attitude.

I’m sorry to say there is no magic pill. However, within our Personal Development Entrepreneurial community here that we work within daily, the working vibe is ‘Your attitude determines your altitude’. So get used to the idea that those enormous things you can achieve are actually possible in your life with a change of emotional being and intetion, thought process altreation, action taking and simple belief. We would not be human if we didn’t have past hurts, current problems, become bone-tired, ‘sick of it all’ major hurdles (whether they be financial, personal and health) and of-course life isn’t perfect, but it’s the way you handle yourself and to be solution based, not disaster based. Find a solution no matter what and be proactive and productive in action. Controling your emotions and utilizing the energy from your emotions to be geard for that solution.

Was 2019 one of your hardest years? Make 2020 your best year yet! In these few days between Christmas and New Year, consider your hard and ongoing issues; list them all. Now ask yourself ‘What is my WHY’. Where is it you are headed and what is it exactly you desire? Now literally sit down and find a mini-solution for you to get by now, then another solution for each hardship to eliminate heading to your desied outcome in 2020. This is not the time to drop the ball and just give up- you may feel like it (I admit I’ve been there too- many times, but it doesn’t get you anywhere other than frustrated and depressed) and you may think quitting will make it easier, but it won’t, you will be living in both regret and still within the hardship as it won’t magically disppear. I found myself ‘so sick’ of my continued failing techology and my inability to cope with work demands due to those failing systems and my unwillingness to learn new systems. I also nearly drowned in debt, unpaid bills and financial strain. SICK. SICK. SICK. Time to get creative, get solution based, get active in setting the intention for success and manage my emotions and thought processes. Time to learn. time to create. Time to embrace the new and stop being so stubborn. My Mantra when things get tough.. “I AM WONDERWOMAN”. I ASK MYSELF; What would wonderwoman do in this situation?

These four little steps can change your 2020!

  1. Stop living my de-fault. Create a real workable plan. What are you doing daily, weekly, monthy?
  2. Your value doesn’t come from what you do, it’s from who you are. Are you strong and steadfast? Are you reliable and capable? Or a quitter?
  3. Learn to surrender to your vision and make each daily step count. Stop being immersed in the ‘I can’t’, and ‘I’ve failed’.
  4. What can you do to GO BEYOND your current issues? The intelligence of being solution based and controling your emotions daily. To be super-calm, super-organised, super-withit, super-energetic, super-vibed, super-loving, super-helpful, super-giving. Then you will be a super-attractor.

“I’m not just the expression of who I am , but the intention of who I am becoming” – Dr. Dee hacking.

So often we don’t take the time to create and build a real system for ourselves, myself included. It may sound strange but I’m very grateful for my many many hurdles and disasters; health, Injuries, Financially, Technological, Persoanl relationships, a failed marriage…all of it. This allowed me to turn inward and this is my workable solution . This is the magic dust of your own success, from total mess to success. What will your 2020 look like?

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