Vibes are real: Morning Affirmations to supply your day with energy.

‘For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

As I sit at daybreak in my yoga mat awaiting the sunrise within my little beach Teepee, witnessing the energy of the new day arrive, I am reminded of a conversation from years ago as I was walking our dogs on the beach at sunrise. I came across this same lady each morning, name unknown, just a morning greeting was exchanged daily with a nod and a smile, I always said hello in an energetic voice. She would no doubt hear me spruiking my affirmtions into the salty air abyss and sending any unwanted vibes into the sand under my feet.

Her reply one morning weeks later was,

“why are you so happy and energetic each morning?”

My answer was, “WHY NOT? Why wouldn’t I be, it’s easy!”

I’m feeling this exact word set today –


WHY NOT START EACH DAY WITH AMAZING ENERGY- imagine the magic you attract and then give out and offer this energy to others! Daily affirmations said with gusto into the enrvironment releases this amazing energy, like that of a re-charging affect.

Ralph Waldo Emerson, the 19th Century Philosopher summed it up in his one liner quote above. “For every minute you are angry you loose a minute of happiness”.

If we apply his notion to our ‘Willingness to back ourselves to our own success’,

for everyone minute of self-doubt, self-hijacking and simple stubbornness, we loose sixty seconds of success.

If we had to quantify your ‘minutes of daily success’ what would your tally be?

Some days probably exceptional, some days downright horrible or even zero? Right?

Therefore, if we said we can assist you in smashing out many minutes a day towards your own success, whatever that may look like to you, quantifying the productivity time and squashing the self-doubt, stubbornness and self- hijacking, would that offer inspiration and cultivate the Willingness to back yourself to success?

Would that be favourable?

Can you now see yourself creating your own success little by little with consistent effort and little daily steps?

Your ‘minutes of daily success’ tally balancing in your favour?

To start each day with energy that will support you and get you to your dreams?

Then let’s continue….

Inspiration is actually everywhere around you, you just need to be opening to it and be on a vibrato al energy plane to receive it.

🔑  The key is continual self-development.

Your power of constant learning and to participate e in the energy of the reality of awesomeness. Continual learning and offering yourself no limitations of how your world works. We all actually have self-limiting beliefs that keep us stuck.

Like the time I was driving around in my NEW Holden Barina, my first car, nice and shiny black, polished immaculately, driving around the corners like a chicane, all confidant and I was the FABULOUS ME in my neighbourhood. Driving into the next neighbourhood delivering a parcel (Avon actually) passing parked Mercedes, a black Porsche obviously with a ceramic polish, and a red Ferrari.

I stated to feel a little inadequate in my little Barina, and, to top it off, the parcel recipient stated to me as I was parked next to his convertible,

“oh you have such a cute little car!”



(Named after Gina Davis – Beetlejuice, Themla&Lousie, a Long Kiss Good Night acclaim Ofcourse) I went from my own hero, to zero, with that one comment!

Self limiting right there!

You- yourself is your business, you can choose an unlimited state or a limited one. These linear functions, for your success, needs to be advanced past and the limitations of time, your past and your results.

You can create your own reality and run your own pace within your own race.

Therefore, YOU are your own limit.

It’s time to take belief in your own potential. Time to create.

Create your own reality not let it be dictated to you from either external forces, ilionikng or your own dictating mind.

What does your ideal reality look like?

If you like CONTROL, you are going to LOVE this! Take back control of YOU and your outcomes!

And….. just a reminder, life is supposed to be FUN! Have you sacrificed a great part of you life/time towards DOING something and now live with a bit (or a whole lot) of hate for either your life, your job or even you existing? Your current life and schedule? We hear you! I’m sure at some stage we all fall into this dark well of unhappiness!

It’s time to NOT work so much you end up hating your life, or your relationships, or even yourself! You are meant to be enjoying yourself. All the work, work, work … for what? To pay the bill? Keep others happy? To save for retirement?

We will be starting the beige the GAP from what you HAVE to do, to what you WANT to do!


The big picture


Self education

Self healing

Honouring the higher self

Willingness to succeed

Spruke it to the Universe for return attraction …


Remember at school when the lesson was nearly over and the learning and concentrating has been done, the work was over and it’s PLAYTIME outside? In the open air, with friends and food and running, letting off your steam, and fun?

That’s the GAP!

Making it work, yes with a bit of hurt/focus time, then Flip it and DO IT! make each daily affirmation count towards the umlimate you!


Within one our business here, our Online Business Opportunity where you can ditch your boss fulltime, or as a side gig for extra cash to play with, and run a portable online business in the Personal Development sector whereby we assist others to better themselves with our self-help courses and live events. There are 6 daily activities, stepping stones to success and one drop of the secret sauce is daily affirmations and visualisation.

for more info if you want to be you oen boss for this year……

xo Dr. Dee

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