Don’t cry because It’s over, smile because it happened. Full effort is full victory?

“You’re off to great places, TODAY is your day! Your mountain is waiting, So…get on your way!” – Dr. Seuss.

I’ve always loved Dr. Seuss sayings, they resonate with me even more as a mid-fourties adult than as a child reading ‘Green Eggs And Ham’ hearing all about SAM – I – AM. I recall it all fresh in my mind as thought it was yesterday asking my mum for Green Eggs and Ham, she thought I was mad at the time, I even wanted her to call me Sam! I knew as a young child I was off to great places, that my mountain was waiting too. I aspired to be both Stephen King, all that entailed, and Dianne Fossey up in the mist with the Gorillas. I knew that planning and effort was the key. Write, write, write I did. Research, research and learn and learn I did even more. But as a kid I did not know that satisfaction lies within the effort not actually in the end attainment. I know now. I’m still writing, writing and learning, learning and personally developing myself daily. I still will be Stephen King and my learning in relation to science and biology lead me to become a Doctor and Homeoapth, not Dianne Fossey with her Gorillas, although up on the Mountains WITH the Gorillas I will never forget. Climbing those mountains and being on my way!

I then consider that full effort is full victory?

Self-actualisation, potential and fullfillment. Many, but the same. Whatever is on your heirachy of needs whether it be emotional needs, needs to better your lifetyle or relationships, it’s the actuality of the full effort you add, the realisation of your own potentiality, is it fullfilling you during the process and are you enjoying youseelf along the way?

NO< I HATE IT ALL! I heard myself one day. Mental – hyjacking – chatter!

Time to recall my child processes, not to be swept away in the adult version of myself. Busy – Busy – Doctor – Busy. Bills – Bills – Divorce – Busy. Children – Illnesses – Career – Busy. Where went the girl that wanted to be SAM- I- AM?

I do that well, in my opinion, planning and giving full effort, it really doesn’t matter when the victory occurs as one does know it is coming, be patient, and you have already gained the victory inside your mind, you can see it and feel it. It is already done. I recall the occasion I gave half effort and WON and felt like a cheater. I have come to realise the adult version of me needed to align with the kid version of me and then headed straight for my Mountain again. Re-assess and reclaim my now buried ground, all the rocks I had been mining aimlessly and hating every minute if it.


Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.

Next mountain?

Get on your way!

Dr. Dee Middendorp-Hacking aka SAM-I-AM.

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