How I left fulltime Clinical work to a fulltime laptop lifestyle.

“Success without filfillment is the ultimate failure” – Tony Ribbins.

These words continue to rattle around in my head, have done so for years.

I thought I had reached great success for myself many years ago with my flourishing Injury Management Clinics that I had bulit from the ground up in two states of Australia, thousands of clients whom I assist daily, too mine, and no doubt, to their great satisfaction.


Had I planted the seeds of Joy, Love, true fullfillment and Freedom there too? NO. I would grind out each day till I literally dropped. Over- indulge in too much wine as one does when totally stressed out, divorce pending and my life quickly unraveling along with unhappy children. Happiness was a Goal to be achieved, and I fell short. Happiness is now a by-product of my own fulfillment, I still assist others daily and love what I do.

Today I recieved a snail-mail letter. It was a letter from myself written 12 months ago. I told myself to “focus on my true purpose and stop living in the shadow of my previous sortcomings, flaws and struggles”. I also told myself that “the Heart attack and I was recovering from then was a result of my past 20 years of grinding away at life. Live with Joy and fulfillment and freedom, you should now be a fulltime Entrepreneur” … and that I am.

I found my souls unique purpose, I’m still the savvy Doctor I trained to be for 17 years, now a transformational Coach and an Online Business Owner in the space of Personal Development and published Author too. Jackpot. I live life now on my terms, find the little Gems that exist within each day, have a renewed sense of freedom and live fulltime at our beachouse in Queensland Northern Australia, and partime in our Mountian home in the USA.

Self education, Personal Development and contributing to others too, finally fulfills me and my wonderful family too. The transition was suprisingly easy with a few key steps. Downscale the septic areas of my life, identifying the need and avenue for positive change, then implimentation. I found an Online Business that complimented all that my ethics were in alignment with and now are involved with a high vibes global community of Entrepreneurs. I love every minute of my life now. So does my family too.

If you are interested in what we do in our laptop lifestyle of globe trotting and freedom, click the link below, fill in your details, and I will personally be in touch.

Dr. Dee Middendorp-Hacking

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