OK! Time to get serious! How running your OWN life can have you prospering.

Self : It’s time to talk.

Everyone has stupid and destructive thoughts, happy thoughts, negative thoughts, thoughts on a constant loop of troubles, thoughts from our past that alter our NOW. The human power of thought is running at the number of 48.6 thoughts per minute.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT. What we think we become. Also, more thought.

I recently stumbled over a movie called COHERENCE, one of my mentors actauly suggested it; a 2013 mysters/sci-fi by director Byrkit, whereby due to a natural occuring phenomena (of a celestial comet passing overhead), reality as we know it changes, the echo of reality where the ‘multiplicity me’ theory exists. That has me thinking about all the ‘selves’ of us that exist within each day….the 5am me, the ‘after-my-first-coffee’ me, the lively and affirming beachwalker me, the Doctor me, the online business owner me, the mum me, the phone-fear me, the I CAN ACTUALLY DO IT me, the wife me, the ‘lunch-on-the-run’ me, the procrastinator me, the motivated me, the afternoon-grumpy-need-coffee me, the hunter-gather me, the im-no-good-with-technology me, the author me, the speaker me, the evening yoga and meditations me….and thats just ONE DAY in my life. What if all these ‘me’s’ arent in alignment and fighting with each other, or trying to kill each other as per in the Coherence movie?

Self: Time to quit all the yabbering, time wasting and white-noising around, and get serious about running your own life. Not being dictated to by previous patterns or ingrained thinking patterns.

Until WE ALL, our many multiple selves align our thoughts, feelings that become actions, we will never be properous within our own life, successful and happy in all that we do to create our desired ifestyle.

Self: All of you need to get along, support each other, be the Pom-Pom clad support for each other, sit quietly together on the Yoga mat, work calmly together during the day, personally develop yourslelf together and become on the same page energetically.

This is how I did it, and retired my husband from the cosntruction industry too! We now work and travel and live each day in harmony selves.


Self: Thank You

Dr. Dee Middendorp-Hacking

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