Alone; Internal Isolation.

I woke up today at 5am, my usual time, filled with gratitude for being alive.

I wake up each day with a song in my head, have from a very young age. Today, Filled with the song by Starship ‘We Built This City’ and I make this my theme for the day. ‘We Built This City On Rock and Roll’….what am I building my day on? I then set my intention for the day. Viewing the day with an aura of ‘what is possible’ looking into my mind and heart centre, NOT of past expreience that was my old habit. I had many old habits that plagued my present and my own happiness, for which I have now changed into a re-imaginative, re-inventive way. My previous self-internal-isolation, I thought, was a self-imposed safe space. How wrong was I?

Now we are in physical isolation with this COVID-19 situation, I recall my ‘Alone’ days, when others around me say an array of words like lockdown, isolation, trapped, idle, alone. ALONE.

The teeth-grinding moments, the anger, the racing thoughts, are all real. Alone inside yourself. When you go internally for safety when the outside world is so bad and dangerous, even with so many people around you, thats alone in my book.

The current global situation has called for social distancing, isoltion and quaratining. I personally feel this is a crazy yet amazing time to concetrate on our inner realms, self-development and going for gold with our goals. Let’s make these ‘Process oriented’ times, not ‘stuck at home’ with nothing to do.

I’m making this time MINE and a perfect time to asssit others too, with a new mental model, my side gig being a work from home business in the field of personal development, what no better time to vamp this up when half of the world needs to stay at home too; Develop theselves while they earn. Earn and Learn. Why not!

My everyday now, filled with meditation, happiness, heart centrerd activities, filling in the holes of my knowledge, is a far cry from years ago after my divorce, I turned into the ice queen. Self imposed internal isolation. Its a dark space in there. Full of extremes; gluttony, starvation, intoxication, de-toxification, zero emotions and zero joy. In my opinion, two things we need the most to surive other than water and oxygen.

Is ALONE distorting your life?

Is CHANGE all around but you dont know where to start?

What will you Build Your City on?

Is it self-reinvention time?

Want to be the gatekeeper of your own mind and life?

Where is your success hiding?

Time to re-wire your enegy towards more constructive activities?

If you feel a vibe to confront your isolation, want to Earn&Learn and be process oriented in the personal develpment sector, im happy to chat.

Tick off each daily WIN. Wake up tomorrow with a song in your head and gtatitude for being alive too!

xo Dr. Dee Middendorp-Hacking

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