Getting in the Gap. Paying attention to the Flattening-Effect!

The GAP is a quiet but energetic space. The GAP is where awesomeness occurs. The GAP is blissfull. No one can take it from you. The entry is always unlocked, but you must enter consciously and void of your own painful stories.

What’s your story? Are you stuck in your own repetative truth?

“I broke my knees and had a heart attack, I’ll never get back on track both professionlly and health-wise!” Yes, THIS was my very own story two years ago …. Is this really what you want to be stuck within? Forever? SUCCESS REMAINS IMPOSSIBLE, HEALTH IS IMPOSSIBLE! REALLY? Stop selling yourself the same old story. I, too, stopped. Then growth occured.

The mindless Flattening-Effect.


Whats really important to you?

The key to transforming our hearts and feelings, is to understand our thoughts and emotions at work.

Be confrontational with yourself. (which none of us really ever want to do. It’s easier to stay stuck and on the story-loop).

The Dalai Lama speaks of this in an amazing term in ‘The Dalai Lamas Book of transformation’ (p.9. Thorsons Publishing, London,2000)

“We need to learn how to identify the opposing sides in our inner conflicts. With anger, for example, we need to see how destructive anger is, and, at the same time, realise that there are antidotes within our on thoughts and emotions that we can use to counter it….First raise our conscious awareness and afflicting thoughts and destructive emitions, and, second, by trying to strengthen our positive thoughts and emotions, which are their antidotes, we can gradually reduce the force of our anger, hatred, and so on.

Through introspection and decisive action as your Flattening-Effect raises it’s head, we can be consciously driven to a dicipline with courage for a positive outcome fueled by yourself. It is not enough to just recognise or wish, but adding a sustanied effort in a strategic manner.

Thus, entering the GAP. Re-fueling and reinvigorating the soul and a reminder to be in a state of appreciation raher than depreciation and moulding. The GAP will have you listening and learning, being the good student, and then apply your learnings and become to reasure the space between your thoughts instead of hating them.

How do you get there? Meditate. Cultivate peace will outrun your Flattening-Effect and all the fruits of life will be your’se.

“For HIM, the sorrows of this world are over. Though he possesses a finite body, he remains united with the Infinite. His heart knows no anxiety. Such a man is said to be free even if this life” – Shankara c/o Dr. Wayne Dyer2003.

Dr. Dee Middendorp-Hacking

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