Why am I so scared to just start?

This question I have been asked three times this week, and it’s a commonly asked question presented to me from my clients and via email also. I have always been an enthusiastic, gung-ho and even as much as zealous individual, until I too came across something new and I too fell into the ‘Why am I so scared to just start?’ freeze!

Maybe we do actually spend too much time thinking about things, yes we know this can hold us back and we even realise that overthinking can cause unnecessary stress and has us not living in the moment, but how and why are we sacred to start things? We’ve come this far and we just have to keep going. Do we blame ourselves? Do we focus on unaccomplished items? Are we comparing ourselves to others? Do we dismiss our own ideas? Dwelling on past mistakes and failures? PROBABLY! But even all of this shouldnt have us SCARED TO START? RIGHT?

Your feeling of being unaccomplished fuels the inner battle on a daily basis.

“The only thing to we have to fear is fear itself”- F.D. Roosevelt

The driving factor which keeps us stalled and prohibits our forward progression. fear, that awesful F word. Maybe faling is a stopper, the unknown or even the self change. Does’nt really get us anywhere over analysing again, we just need a focus, and once we alter our focus and get doing the things we need to and have’nt, it will flow a little more naturally.

Practice being present in the moment. Right now. STOP. EVERYTHING. Listen…. what do you hear? What can you smell? Close your eyes and listen again, identify five things you can hear. Now keeping your eyes closed, hear your heart beat, feel your heart beat. Now slow breaths in and out, now even slower. Count to 10. Imagine yourself standing in a rainforest. Listen. Smell. Feel the warmth around your heart. Feel the immense gratitude and peace. Now open your eyes, AND JUST START. DO WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO, CALMLY.

We are the 1%

We are the creators who find fulfilment in producing something of value – get doing!

Dr. Dee – Health Entrepreneur

find me also on LInkdIN, WhatsApp +61400263889, Insta dr.deehacking_livinglovingly and FB @drdee-health Entrepreneur and @living lovingly the lifestyle flippers

I love connecting and sharing open and honest engagements and conversations, learning and sharing and growing. I love connecting with other like-minded, like-spirited individuals and I operatee daily with gratitude, integrity, inner strength, authenticity and joy.

feel free to reach out, looking forwards to connecting with you. xo Dr. Dee

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