2020: Staying on top of your mindset.

Has your mindset and mental word tracks kept you stuck during all this stress of 2020?

Most people I come into contact with will answer YES for sure, myself included at times.

I find myself taking ridiculous amounts of notes each day when i engage in my daily personal development strategy sessions, educating myself with my feet on the ground and gaining traction,. It became clear that one’s future is your’se to create and commit to the journey, connect with others and develop a CAN_DO mindset, no matter what is going on around you.

The blame-game can occur pretty quickly; Its the lock-down, It’s the recession, Its the multiple external factors. Yes it may be so, but all of these listed are out of your control, its not a time to worry about what you cannot control, but regain the focus on what you actually can control.

I wanted so badly to be at our beach house full-time. To wake up and walk on the beach at sunrise, meditate twice a day and my yoga practice daily. concentrate on my knee rehabilitation and cook bacon and eggs for breakfast. Start my day slowly with no pressure and stress. Two years ago I found an online business where I could mould my life so I could do all that, but I’m a doctor and Homeopath, with patients that rely on me, ” I can’t do that” was my wordtrack. Subsequently people I talk to whom have enquired as to what I do and interested to do the same, say a similar thing, “I’m a university professor, I’m a childcare manager, I’m a teacher, I’m a senior manager ….. I can’t do that I have people whom rely on me”.

YOU CAN, IT’S A MINDET THING. I DID…and now fast forward to me sitting here and typing with my bay view, the sound of the waves out my window, the birds waking- It’s sunrise, Prince Harry -our furr baby- awaiting his beach walk and coming back to prepare pancakes and eggs.

SO, HOW? Well, that’s my journey, but I can say its all in the mindset and self-mental-chatter and employing change strategies….that’s your journey to figure out.

Thesse are my best ideas. If i had know this back then, i would have been on the super-highway to my goals quicker.

  • Get up early.
  • Attitude of gratitude as soon as you wake up, cultivate gratefulness for EVERYTHING. Change YOUR MENTAL WORD TRACKS ROM ‘HATING’ THIS TO, ‘IM GRATEFUL FOR THE LESSONS HERE’ add “I AM” affirmations to your daily practice. Align these affirmations upon your future self. aka – ” I AM AN 8 FIGURE INCOME EARNER”
  • Self growth at least 20 mins a day, you are in charge of your own development and mindset food.
  • It’s ok to rest, take a break, just don’t quit on yourself or throw your arms up and say, “Oh I give up” stay in the game.
  • Exercise daily, taking care of your specific physical needs. What do YOU need to do for your own health?
  • Your fears, or hijacking thoughts, count 5-4-3-2-1 DO IT NOW. Not ‘later’ or ‘tomorrow’ NOW
  • Future modelling; model your thoughts and actions upon those whom are already doling what you desire to do. Want to be a writer/ what does Stephen kind do? research what it is you need to be doing, and do that NOW. Insert small strategies in daily/weekly to BECOME THAT. NOW.
  • BE-DO-HAVE PRINCIPLE. BE the person, DO the things, HAVE the stuff. Believe me ive tried, it doesn’t work any other way around.
  • Follow the metrics, test and measure most areas of your life, especially in business.
  • Get a coach. You are on your own unless you employ the help of others.
  • Community. Find a ‘tribe’ of similar thinkers and communicate regularly. ‘I can do it myself” philosophy can only get you so far.
  • Invest in yourself. Your future depends on it.
  • Be generous, kind, giving and loving always. Donate, sponsor, assist others, pay it forward, be smiling and offer hugs and warmth in leu of revenge or hate.
  • Embrace your passions more. Really LOVE doing something? do more of that! Fishing? Painting? Writing? Massage? Bubble bath? Hiking?…but never ‘have the time”??????
  • Get rid of instant gratification and self-sabotage acts. What you do- is this serving your future self?

The biggest lesson I’m so grateful for learning;

Locate your passions and do that. Be in alignment with your inner energy, don’t just exist.

My catapult to the new me? I found an online business that was in alignment with my innate energy, ethics and vision. I found my ‘tribe’, my people, changed all areas of my life to both utilise my already strongly forged career and also assist others and to live lovingly whilst following my dreams and heading for my dream goals.

Feel free to connect with me, I’d love to chat.

xo Dr. Dee Middendop-Hacking,

Health Entrepreneur, CEO and Owner Living Lovingly Transformational Coaching

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