Raw and Ready, and the Recall.

My Yoga mat stretching session daily harnesses a magnificent power of clarity. The energy flowing through my muscles from the past 30 minute workout now gathers all the electric charges and feeds my body and mind; enriching, lengthening, strengthening and balancing, I’m innately Raw and Ready for what the world and universe has to offer.

The Recall arrives.

I remember all the times over my past 47 years, as far back as I can recall, THE POWERFUL ME! The girl on her first day of school, excited in her Pink dress with little brown brief case, I felt so tall, strong and excited – unstoppable. The teenager whom won her first Adult art prize along with the winners cash and set chins wagging that a “kid” won it – unstoppable. The unstoppable me whom got accepted out of thousands of applicants, to become an exchange student and go to the USA, “Why Not Me?” I had said to the board of selectors, that won me the spot I was told. The Entrepreneurial me flying around in my new Black Barina dropping off Avon products in the neighborhood – unstoppable. Total self-faith, self-love and self-acceptance with total confidence.

So, over the years, where did all this innate Raw and Ready Me energy go? Yes, it dropped away here and there. Flashes of this comes back in The Recall, inspires me to keep being me, then hijack arrives. Ill-health, overwhelming schedules, self-inflicted-sabotage, negative mind chatter, even fear arrives! The Yoga Mat Recall arrives again and I sit within the feeling of the unstoppable Me.

How do you get our of the cycle? The crazy 8 loop?

It’s more than awareness. I know I’ve been putting something off for over two years that IS important to me. I’ve set it in my goals, very important and high up in the hierarchy of important things to accomplish in my life.

Inspired? YES.

Motivated? Yes.

Able? Yes.

SO, I ask myself on my Yoga Mat, why isn’t it done? Like I would talk to my best friend? “What’s stopping you?…You know what to do, how to do it and even now have the space to do it? YOU KNOW IT WILL CATAPAULT YOU TO A NEW YOU..THATS WHAT YOU DESIRE, right?

I never considered myself to be a professional procrastinator. I KNOW I’m not!

ANSWER: My habits has to change. Make the space. Be my own RAW self, sit within the Readiness always. Get Started with smalls steps. It’s that simple.

…and for me, the lightbulb moment was in the energy of the RECALL and my innate unstoppable energy of self.

I now work from home, continue to sit on my Yoga Mat daily, am a Health Entrepreneur and live within my energy, running a global company and adding value to others lives daily.

Raw and Ready.

Can’t wait to connect with you, and even assist you with your work from home desire, tapping into your innate energy and focusing on accomplishing your dreams too.

xo Dr. Dee

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