Mental Health Reset. I’ve found a way to change my life and I’m sharing it with YOU!

I’m super excited to be taking my RESET on the road and Mackay, North Queensland, is our first destination.

It sure is amazing to share and educate others with this lifechanging course of action. I’ve not only changed my own life and now living a totally different life than I was including my personal health and lifestyle flexibility and freedom, but assisting others both personally, in their lifestyle and professionally too. Sharing my clinical work as a Physician and sharing my story and experience’s with others is transformational.

Below I have included a snippet of what I do so you can begin to make changes too, little steps go a long way.

From years of siting on my Yoga mat and doing “all the right things”, wonderful career, great life yet still not reaching the enjoyment, freedom and happiness within myself, I was down, depressed and not fulfilled. Something happened that day on the Yoga mat that I recalled an event from when I was 16 years old. I went to a course with my mum and THAT exact brain pattern came back to me and I’ve been living within that energy and brain space ever since and changed my entire life. This is what I’m sharing. I’ve developed a whole system of my own and in the case of one little client of mine with Spacial Dysmorphia within just 11 days on my system, she is walking into rooms by herself, sleeping all night in her bed, off to Kindergarten for the first time, wearing clothing and shoes and socks for the first time in het 5 years of living. Totally changing he life sand her families lives too. Even kiddiescan do this!

My section for our RESET event will cover my system.

With Dr. Dee Hacking, Melanie Wood, and Barb Whitfield.

We will take a deep dive into the key elements to assist you to grow from stressed and overwhelmed to confident, energised with clarity and professionalism and on a personal level to become the CEO of your own lifestyle- efficiently.
This is an opportunity to bring your group closer together, Balance your Mindset and Improve Culture.


 Dr. Dee Hacking.
Dee is a Health Entrepreneur. Doctor, Homeopath, Transformational Coach and Author. Owner and founder of Bay Massage & Homeopathy Clinics, LivingLovingly Transformational Coaching and Dr. Dee Health Entrepreneur.
Through her Mystic Alpha Cognitive Brain training and restorative Health Practices to facilitate change both personally to enhance your lifestyle and professionally in the work space.

“Dee is just simply amazing, I wish I found you years ago. She has been absolutely life changing for me. The learnings, The guidance, The support and clarity she has given me in those moments of truth is unbelievable and has put me on the right path to happiness. I cannot thank her enough” -Glen B 2020


 Melanie Wood.
Melanie is an International Speaker, Author, Coach and is the Founder/Owner of Speaking Styles, an organisation passionate about helping Business Owners, Managers/leaders and teams to sharpen their speaking skills to communicate and present with Clarity and Confidence.
Through Public Speaking, Storytelling and Soft Skills Training to Empower Inspire Change.

“Melanie was fantastic, very warm and engaging. Definitely helped me with my communication, negotiation skills and how to build stronger relationships.”
– Rio Tinto Team Member


 Barb Whitfield.
Barb is a Health, Wellness and Breath Specialist, whom over the several decades, has assisted an extensive range of businesses and professionals to be well, happy and achieve their life / work balance and goals.
She is the creator of several national training programs including It’s Your Life. Be Active, Ageing with Vitality and Breathe Into Life.
Barb lectures nationally and internationally in the health and corporate arena. Her passion to make the world a well and happier place by sharing simple techniques and strategies that can be done anywhere at anytime is highly infectious.
Her mantra is “A little goes a long way” is the way she lives her life to the fullest.

“Barbs workshop Breathe into Life changed my life. Her experience and knowledge is legendary, she taught me how to be happy and love my life again simply by breathing correctly.”  Franco – Unground Mine Worker – March 2020 



This event will forge strong bonds that improve communication, teamwork and cohesion in the workplace.

Our Ultimate Corporate Reset is particularly important for those who do not regularly interact with those outside of their department, working from home or a remote office.

With varied facilitators whom are experts in their fields will assist you in these core areas;

* Chronic stress
* Overwhelm
* Burnout
* Speaking and presenting
* Confidence
* Communication and course corrections
* Constructive collaboration
* Energy and watching your state
* Mind body balance
* Resilience
* Co-design your lifestyle

Gain clarity, improve culture, balance and self-confidence and increase the FEEL GOOD FACTOR; making you forget your working!

Follow the link for both enquires and bookings.

Look forward to connecting with you and seeing how we can assist you best in your current needs.

Dr. Dee Middendorp- Hacking

Welcome to my course in Alpha Cognitive Action. 
The first step involves learning about and how to notice our thoughts, feelings and behaviours, in an Alpha Brain wave function. Normally, we simply react to thoughts and feelings. 
Please note at the bottom of you EYE MOVEMENTS activity, please commence the eye movement and fingertip tapping sequence asap for 5 mins per day. 
What we cover in the first week: 

  • Identify troubling situations or conditions in your life. …
  • Become aware of your thoughts, emotions and beliefs about these problems. …
  • Identify negative or inaccurate thinking. …
  • Reshape negative or inaccurate thinking

Identifying Thoughts, Feelings & BehavioursNow we can start to look at what’s helping to keep your problems going.Let’s use a recent example, when you’ve been distressed – perhaps something has happened in the past (as we have already discussed in our Homeopathics appointments) or so when you’ve felt particularly anxious, angry, or depressed.
So choose ONE situation that has been bothering you. Write it down and record the below info. We will go over this end week 1.

  1. What was the situation? 
  2. What happened? 
  3. When did it happen? 
  4. What else was going on? 
  5. Was it a situation that you often find yourself in? 
  6. Who were you with?

NOW:    7. What thoughts or images went through your mind just before or during that time?
 8. What disturbed you? If you had that thought, what did that mean to you, or what did that say about you or the situation? If your thought was a question, try to answer it.
 9. What distressing emotion/s did you feel? What else? E.g. Anger, anxiety, terror, rage, depression, frustration, guilt,shame, irritable…..

  1. 10. What did you notice in your body?

E.g. In anxiety and anger (and excitement) the body’s adrenaline canresult in us feeling physical sensations which can include: heartpounding or racing, palpitations, rapid breathing, difficulty breathing, light-headed, dizzy, shaky, sweaty, hot, red, pins & needles, tense orsore muscles, urge to go to the toilet, butterflies in the tummy, warm uncomfortable feeling in the abdomen or chest, difficulty concentrating, lump in throat. This is the fight & flight response – the body’s survival mechanism which helps us escape or to stand up to the threat at times of real danger. The body is unable to differentiate between a real or imagined danger, so the alarm signal is pressed and activated regardless.In depression, we can feel tired, lethargic, exhausted, experience appetite and sleep changes, aches and pains, headaches, digestive changes (e.g. constipation), agitation and feel unable to settle, experience lack of interest in sex, and have slow movement or speech.

  1. 11. What did you do? What didn’t you do? How did you cope? Examples include:

(Anxiety): Stayed home, left wherever you were or felt the urge to leave, didn’t talk to anyone, avoided eye contact, fiddled with a pen, sat in a corner, didn’t go out, chose to shop at less busy times, went to local corner shop instead of the big supermarket, distracted yourself (TV, radio, kept busy etc), urge to go (orwent) to toilet, looked for reassurance, drank more, smoked more, ate more (or less), disturbed sleep.(Depression): Stayed in bed, pulled covers over your head, didn’t go out, sat and stared, watched television, didn’t answer the phone, turned down an invite from a friend, didn’t go to work, ate more (or less), slept more (or less), paced around , kept starting to do things but couldn’t finish, no interest in others, no interest in sex, no interest in anything.(Anger): shouted at someone, hit out, screamed, had a go at someone, sulked, criticised others (or had urge to do those things), used put-downs and threats, bottled it up, lost control. Practise noticing these thoughts, feelings and behaviours – the more you practise, the more you will notice them. The more you notice them, the more you will be able to make helpful and effective changes.


  1. We call this Bi-Lateral Eye Movement. While sitting down, keep your head still and move your eyes side-to-side eye movements (so look first to the right, then to the left SLOWLY!) with finger tapping. Tap the tips of your fingers together and you look left and right. As you start o do this, think of the above mentioned distressing situation like a mind move and how it made you feel at the time, no emotion as attacked to it, just think, look and tap. Do this five mins per day please.

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