#tips for BUSY BUSY and being sick of it all!

A very wise coach of mine said “it’s inter-galactically insane to be busy busy, getting nowhere, sick of it all, and keep on doing it daily”! This line constantly runs on a thought loop through my head and even pulls me up, so I’m not “inter-galactically stupid!

It’s true that being productive does mean being busy, yet “way to busy”, “buried” and ‘busy beyond all reason” is true but up to a point. A client of mine came to his appointment recently and when I started to talk he threw his hand up ‘STOP’ at my face. Nothing usually surprises me, but this did. he explained he couldn’t listen to ANYTHING else, take anything else into his head as it was too full and his mind was “too busy for more words”, INTERESTING> Tipping Point right there. As you know from personal experience, you can easily become so busy that you reach a tipping point where life can tip over and fall apart as you cannot stand the weight of your commitments or mindset. The trick is to be able to identify the signs. I keep a BFO journal (Blinding Flashes of Obvious) and found that after recording many entries there is a pattern to my behaviours. This is where the gold lies.

7 signs you are way too busy (and need to change that):

  1. When did you last have a full day off? Non-stop activity breads fatigue and exhaustion

2. Eating is done in tandem with other tasks. Either skipping a meal break or utilising this time to catch-up on other tasks. Food is medicine and mindful eating is vital for self care. ( I know- I did this one for 30 years!!)

3. Morning fatigue. You are constantly more tired in the morning than at bed time. This is a sign of too much on your mind.

4. Negated Exercise. TOO BUSY FOR THAT! The recommended for optimum health is 30mins per day of exercise, 20 minutes of a stretching routine and 20 minutes of meditation or mindfulness, is the most exercise or mindfulness your getting is from one commitment to the next?

5. “Survival Mode” is your only mode? If you cant remember what its like to be caught up, your too busy.

6. Get things done faster, do it yourself. LEVERAGE is your best friend and best business partner.

7. You dread rising in the morning, hit the snooze button. Nothing to look forward to, no fun, just exhaustion? if your days are full with zero enjoyment, you will dread starting them daily.



UNTIL I understood the true value of this hashtag, I was on a loop of the above mentioned points.

It was time I made “WORK” work for me. Once I did this and started sharing this, I found that others too resonated one hundred percent.

  1. Help from Essential Oils daily.

Essential oils for ‘Work enhancing oils” for when you HAVE TO keep going: Rosemary, Bergamot, Geranium and Rose geranium, Lemongrass and Clove.

Essential Oils for Nerve Balancing: Ylang Ylang, Lavender, Sweet orange, grapeerfruit

Essential Oils for Deep Sleep: Lavender, Jasmine and rose.

2. Be intentionally with scheduling my time.

I am a Doctor, Homeopath, coach, author and co-owner of two other businesses. If I didn’t start controlling my calendar, it controls me. Blockes of time, colour coded diary and digitalize it all.

3. Deal with Additional prioritise and opportunities.

Being involved in networking, groups and activity outside of your job is amazingly for personal development and your mind. AND FRIENDS TOO! the busy busy person often negates all social contact, I know I surely did.

4. Personal Development and Mindset of a Leader.

You are the CEO of your life. Start being that person now. NOW. Lets imagine you are the CEO of a multi million dollar corporation, how would you run your life? your evert day? your social life? your mind?

we all have the same 24/7 going on, how do you choose to fill it?” – DR. Dee hacking

Its time to start to enjoy your life and have some fun. be involved and be the CEO of your life. Remember #healthiswealth…start there. Along my entrepreneurial journey if I had been told START WITH YOUR HEALTH FIRST, I would have reached success sooner, that would have been a very good #tip.

Feel free to reach out to me and see how I can assist you best.

xo Dr. Dee

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