Renewing-You for 2021

Happy New Year everyone!

*Renew* such a word im meditating on within the new energy and new year commencing. Buzz words come and go but RENEW sticks around for me.

For me, renew means freshening up my skills, boosting my knowledge, finding new and exciting ways, boosting my energy and workshopping my goals and dreams to create new reality for myself, my family, and those I serve in life and through my four businesses.

So, I got to it with intention.

I welcomed the new year with RENEWED ENERGY by going to bed early and getting up super early New Years day and going to witness the Kangaroos eating on the local beach down here at Cape Hillsborough. A magnificent sight and their little whiskers tickling my knees as they came to say hello. My skills I’m boosting daily as I’m a constant student of life, personally developing myself with Mindset Bootcamps, daily Heart centre meditation, embracing my passions of oil painting and writing, and workshopped my own goals, printed out new pictures and daily success activities and I’ve done the same for my patients too.

Knowledge Boosting time, finding your light with great focus on what you DO want, not what your pain is about and what you DONT want in your life. Expand yourself and your prosperity. WHO DOESNT WANT HAPPINESS, HEALTH AND CARITY? ENROL NOW! My awesome little actionable courses that are getting amazing results for my clientele I’m now sharing with you!

Stay tuned for my announcement: ‘Dr. Dee’s Health secrets’ LIVE weekly WEBINAR coming soon!

Yes, this past year carries pain, hurt and frustration, as does other areas in your life that live in the past. Its a case of learning from it or continually living it.

Don’t forget to check out my Renew-You retreats for 2021.

Reach out to me and connect, look forward in hearing from you.

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