Turn Your Eyes Towards Your Strengths Today!

I do love that line! What could you do today to positively evaluate yourself, and within each moment, focus on all your amazing strengths and todays accomplishments? Most valuable to me has been self-forgiveness. The act of being so self critical, it can be freezing and unhospitable place to live daily.

Its amazingly easy to be self critical and then feel crappy all day, behind the 8 ball and getting NOTHING done. How many times have you said, ‘Gee I’ve been so busy all day, yet got absolutely nothing accomplished?’.

I feel your pain. I, too, have been there many times.

Today is a different day.

I’m excitedly here planning the finishing touches for my ‘Are You Spiritually Healthy’ Spiritual Checklist workshop this weekend and feel so inspired to share my secrets. A few questions have come to mind, and I find myself asking myself rhetorically as I observe my testimonials from my last months Worksop.

” Life changing, Thank You Dee, so many new strategies to elevate the energy in my life” – Annette

“Totally inspired. I know I can now schedule in all the most important and FUN things into my life, all the things I had given up for so long!” – Glen

Most enlightening is TURNING YOUR EYES TOWRADS YOUR OWN STRENGTHS. WE ALL CAN IDENTIFY OUR WEAKNESSES AND FOCUS ON THEM AS A STRATEGY OR SELF DEVELOPMENT. REMEMBER WHAT YOU FOCUS THE MOST ATTENTION ON YOU BECOME. Great to identify, but wouldn’t it be amazing to focus on our strengths and strengthen them to? Our GENIUS ZONES? Assisting others in our own genius areas? What is a skill that you can share with others? Doesn’t have to be amazingly special, just a skill, maybe sharing with like minded people? Within the ‘sharing’ with others, lies self-forgiveness, cultivates confidence, shares hospitality and even a smile.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if the one smile you shared with another person was the only highlight of their day?

Turn Your Eyes Towards Your Strengths TODAY! Are you focusing on the problems more than the solutions?

Find my Spiritually Healthy workshops on my FB page Dr. Dee – Health entrepreneur.

iI love to connect with like-vibed, like-minded people all over the world and offer joy and happiness to all.


xo Dr. Dee Middendorp-Hacking

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