Anything that states ‘viewer discretion advised’ has me hooked instantly and continues to engage my full attention, you too?

Imagine if your energy level could come with a discretionary advice label for yourself and keep your on-purpose all through your day?

Working from home I am at liberty, in my designated lunch break time, to take a look at YouTube browsing through the unsolved mysteries or now solved mysteries that have been cold cases for decades…’viewer discretion advised’… here I go! I sit there having not even realised I’ve consumed my soup and 28 minutes has passed, BACK TO MY HOME OFFICE I go, inspired (believe it or not) to smash out the rest of my day.

These 10 steps may offer you elevated energy when YouTube isn’t on the lunch menu!

  1. Self-forgiveness. Letting go of any anger, guilt, shame, sadness, others options, or any other feeling that hijacks your happiness, energy flow, or success. It’s time to BE OK with what it is and make more confidant decisions for yourself.
  2. Do something you haven’t done before. The feeling of doing new things, or doing different ways of doing things is energy elevating processes.
  3. Complete unfinished business. The sense of achievement for finishing what you needed to do, is energising. Big lists left unfinished is in the space of lack and unsuccessful energy.
  4. Focus your attention 5% on the problem and 95% on the solution. ( Often, and even in the past for me too, flips the opposite way around where your focus is on the major problem at hand and solutions are often far away or very burry).
  5. Pop background music on that inspires you. Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata is so inspiring for me I play it daily where I am.
  6. Stick with the moment not giving into instant gratification- mind games like, ‘Ill just grab a coffee and come back to it’. NO. Stick with it for another 15 minutes then free to grab your coffee.
  7. Don’t allow distractions to overcome you. I’m sure we have all been very BUSY yet accomplished nothing?
  8. Allow yourself to focus on your own journey, comparing yourself to others is a killer of Joy. Takes you twice as long and all winding pathways? That’s ok, keep going!
  9. Add more JOY and FUN into each day. Make decisions from a space of JOY and kindness to yourself and others.
  10. Allow your reactions to become Intelligent reactions, rather than reacting from an emotional space. Less emotional reactions- more intelligent reactions. So, pause and think before you react. Become unpredictable, and again, BE OK with it, even tell people, “I’m Ok with that”.

Research has shown (2019 Stanford medicine scopeblog) that those who practice self-forgiveness and energy elevation techniques have a greater positive outlook and positive attitudes to their lives and while cultivating their own success. We believe that we need to be hard on ourselves to be successful, I sure did too! We learn to mature through mistakes and develop an internalization of misgivings which ultimately holds us back and decreases our energy to go on.

Achieving little goals brings great fulfilment, why not do it in an energised state via practicing awareness, sharing humility and joy, being kind to yourself and taking action, and even ‘viewer discretion advised’ attention in honor of appreciation and the world needs your special gifts and talents.

xo Dr. Dee Middendorp Hacking

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