Millionaire Habits: Paying attention to the small expenses, are you? How this affects your health and goals.

Listed among the 20 things a millionnaire’s habits comprise, is one that monitors the small expenses – paying attention to the small expenses, and one is how to get in the habit of pursuing your dreams and goals.

Q: How do the two points above affect both your health and your own success?

A: Approval of your own thinking.

Who, or What, is stopping you from doing anything in this world, and this lifetime? You! shocking answer hey? It’s you and your habits.

I have a new 2022 diary and a second 2022 diary for tracking my habits, my gratitude and my daily actions, all this in addition to my google calendar and work diaries. More self-accountability for what I do daily towards my goals and dreams, not just ‘surviving the day’!

I finally approve of my thoughts, those that I now choose wisely towards my own goals and success. Previously, I used to beat myself up, I pushed myself harder, and stressed myself out so much that I couldn’t actually do what is needed to reach my own goals. Ridiculous I know!

Actions towards your own health and wellbeing actually include keeping an eye on the little expenses and cutting where you can to allow stockpiling of funds for the attainment of your goals and dreams, not instant gratification or “I deserve this right now” attitude, but planned events and self-investment for self-improvement. What are you spending money on that actually is the EXACT OPPOSITE to both health and your goals? the list may surprise you. Although very successful at all that I have done, and all that I do, I still thought just a few years ago I had missed the ‘financial security’ boat, but I found a way, cut little expenses so I could pursue the vehicle I found that finally got me there.

My advice to my 20 year old self would be adopt millionaire habits now so the life you actually want to live can be reached BEFORE you want to give up on yourself and think it’s “too late for me”.

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