What is your #1 Blocker? The Top 5 I see the most, and solutions:

Are you aware of your own blockers and how they’re affecting your potential?

Your own potential can be severely self-limited by both behavioral blockers, habits, and non-fulfilled plans, I sure have had some doozies in my life and track my habits to overcome them AND lots of self-development to address the blind spots” you may not even be aware of yourself.

My top 5 success blockers for high achieving people and some remedies you can apply in an everyday sense to broaden your awareness arena.

  1. FEAR OF FAILURE and NOT BEING GOOD ENOUGH: This is such an interesting one, and when not addressed that exact failure you fear can come to fruitition simply by not acting upon your plans IN THE MIDST OF THE FEAR. It’s a self-fulfilliing prophecy I’m afraid. Let these blockers here triumph and your most definatly be sure to NOT advance forward. I like the analogy you may be a big fish in a small pond, it’s time to dive into the larger pond where you are most uncomfortable, as terrifying as it is, to realize your own full potential and be that little fish in that big ond of self discivery and grow! I’ve been there so many times and I was sure I wasnt ging to survive. Funny, othger then say, “Wow, you make it look so easy” Ha! If they only knew. You can’t pay your bills with other”s opinions.

2. THE NEED TO PUSH THROUGH IT ALL WITH SUPERHERO STRENGTH AND BE IN 100% CONTROL: This one personally for me has been a huge ONE ALL MY LIFE. Push to be that major success in all that I do, wouldn’t it be amazing if the energy changed to ” BE that person, DO the things and HAVE the success as a side effect of learning and action taking”? It’s not about ‘imposter syndrome’ or any label, but the feeling of inadequacy can come from cultivating the power to do things quickly and efficiently but it’s not sustainable, You persist but it’s not happening fast enough for your short term goals? and often people I see give up here and they underestimate their attainment long term goals. Most things we do is a bit of a marathon I’ve come to learn. Comparing yourself to others that are “more efficient that you” more successful than you and “have it all” and you don’t? well, give it time and quoit comparing yourself.

3. Where exactly is your BLISS? Go there more often than not. Mine is waking up and having a cup of coffee in bed, reading a book in my favorite book nook, writing my books and escaping into my inventive prose, listening to the waves on the beach, taking a bubble bath, and lighting a candle at sunrise….and what do we do when life gets crazy busy? We QUIT the things that create our bliss! “TOO BUSY TO BE HAPPY” WOW. Let’s be happy NOW, the time is NOW, not “when I’m successful” or “when my bank account is full” the energy that we radiate when we are joyous will magnetize all our goals to come to fruition if that’s what’s best for us.

4. STOP DABBLING: Go out there and make something happen for yourself every day. Today, be a little more amazing than you were yesterday. Visualize yourself with the end result, how amazing will it feel to you to achieve what you need to achieve to feel fabulous and confidant? Dabbling is “doing” yes, but it’s in part in an activity in a casual and most superficial way. Results will be found once a more focused approach is taken, Dabbling is effective but is still a blocker as it gives a false sense of ” well I’m doing it and not getting the result’s” I’ve been in this situation too and it’s very frustrating. I convinced myself for a good couple of years IM DOING IT AND NOT GETTING VERY FAR ALONG, having brainwashed myself while I was dabbling.) Fully commit time to do the work that is needed.

5. ALLOWING SELF-DEFEAT TO SET IN: This one is simple, out-trump-yourself daily. Each day is a new day to start over.

Your full potential and self-confidence is just around the next bend in the road of life. Imagine living a joyous life where all your desires were met is possible if you both believe it and create that life no matter what.

Nothing is impossible.

Release your blockers and be magnificent calmly and happily, and you are allowed to swan around and be amazing in all that you do.

Connect with me to assist you towards your greatness. You’ve got this!

xo Dr. Dee

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