Cutting The Strings Of Struggle, NOW!

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than all the things you have done up until then. The SAFE space to exist often is the road paved on struggle-street and very difficult to sever these ties.

I too have experienced the many struggles, believe it or not, and the frustration created I make a planned effort daily takes a hold of you and can control my emotional reactions to the perceived struggles, if I let it. Wouldn’t it be totally amazing if you viewed, and truly considered, your “struggles” to be a lesson on the pathway to success? Instead of “getting sick of struggle street” as yourself ‘what have I learned from this situation” and “how can I change things for the better in this very moment?” taking ownership and paving a new pathway by trying, and doing, different things.

I used to think that difficulty showed up in my life with the intent of destroying me.

I find myself saying those very words “I’m so sick of this constant struggle” with setting up a new Ipad, or setting up an account for my marketing, downloading a program that doesn’t go smoothly, finances, technology- based issues that everyone else I’ve spoken to about it or they have instructed me to follow steps (they seem to perform the task effortlessly and perfect the first time) and I’m left with an incomplete process with nill result, a dead-end. May not sound like a big deal but at the time, but I felt like a puppet inside my own life. “Here we go again” mindset and I’d freeze. Fear took over and my mental self-talk was ” I’m no good with technology” and where do you think that lead me into future technology requirements?

I now realize my own hidden potential and have laser-focused my emotions over my “struggles” to now support me and become my strengths, letting difficulties too now support me and find a way through it no matter what. I’ve had clients and new associates now ask me about their “tech-troubles”, marketing issues, financial planning issues, and influence problems and I’m equipped with some ideas for solution-based information, best thing a mentor can do right? Assist others! No struggle equals No ideas. I had plenty of places to steer them to cut their own struggles back.

Cutting the strings of struggle (no matter what your struggle may be, more serious than tech-troubles I’m sure) let them guide you to ‘remove’ yourself and let your own difficulties know that YOU are also difficult and be a dog with a bone! It’s interesting that it is difficult to control how you react to your on energy. Anything you do or say at a specific time, your reaction is relevant to how you are feeling in that moment or any personal issues you are going through. Your reaction may not actually be about the action at hand, or the actual struggle, but the negative momentum you have yourself in, so go through your moments in your day with as much personal integrity and love that is possible and you will automatically find yourself in LESS of a struggle than your emotional state if it gets out of hand.

Failing to try is just like trying to fail.

Happy New Year and here’s to 2022 liberate you from your own fear, which will automatically liberate others.

xo Dr. Dee

Ps. I love to connect with others all over the globe, feel free to reach out- birds of a feather!

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