Mindset Mojo, this is your personal invite, let’s get 2022 off to an abundant start and create an EXTRAordinary year!

Our 3 Day MindPower Mojo Personal Development Course is starting in just a few hours and we are very excited – we’re Live Streaming it on Facebook & it starts tomorrow!
Session times are below & you’ll find us on our Prosperity Of Life Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/prosperityoflifeofficial

Throughout the craziness of 2020/21, we filmed a 7 Day MindPower BootCamp & the results & success that our participants achieved from it have been life-changing… so we thought let’s do another one & the New Year is a perfect time!

💥 We’re making it more impactful in less time & I think that’s a great motto for the year ahead – Achieve More in Less Time!

If you’re ready for a Kick your Mindset into full abundant action& to learn some tools that could be the game-changer for you this year, then let’s get set for Day One…

⏰ Session Times are as follows:

Day 1: Wednesday 5th January 6am Brisbane / 9am NZ, Tuesday 4th Jan 3pm NY, 8pm UK

Day 2: Thursday 6th January 6am Brisbane / 9am NZ, Wednesday 5th Jan 3pm NY, 8pm UK

Day 3: Friday 7th January 6am Brisbane / 9am NZ, Thursday 6th Jan 3pm NY, 8pm UK

See you there and wait to see your name pop up in the comments of the Live Stream!

xo Dr. Dee

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