When Life Slaps You In The Face…

…either slap it back, roll over and play dead so it doesn’t kick you, or, choose to LISTEN, LEARN, and be OK with it!

It may be difficult to embrace change.

“A slap in my face by the universe is more effective than ten lectures”, one of my professors told me years ago when I was studying my most recent degree. “It makes learning and understanding happen very quickly, and gives you the ability to experience meaning, and to then make better choices” I have carried this notion with me for many years since and each time a difficulty arises around me, in my life, for those I serve, I remind myself and relay this message.

Many people lately both in my clinic, my recent weekend health workshop, friends around me, and even within my ghostwriting meetings this week are all telling me the same currently; Life can trample us sometimes, can temporarily disarm us, and even cause a somersault emotionally and financially too. It’s not about the act of ‘mastering’! Just when you think you have ‘mastered it’ a good face slap comes forth, surfing the wave and learning ‘what is the lesson behind this for me’ may just be enough to bring some extra coping energy to find a positive solution that will serve you well. I love the line “I’m OK with it!” – even if you are not- and “I choose to be powerful and solution-based” in this situation is very empowering.

Your existence and consciousness boils down to a choice with intentional actions. Many vibrant and happy people also have problems in their life, things that fail, stresses, and ongoing things that need healing too. Situations and thoughts can hold us hostage and keep us stuck. The following 5 intentions cover positive psychology, stop chasing the worlds definition of happiness and see what results you can create for yourself.

  1. Wear a Smile. Others will want to drink your smile, and this electric energy behind a smile will elevate you internal state.
  2. Daily affirmtions and meditation. You will become what you tell yourself, your brain ( and the universe) listens. Becoming mindful and personally being invested in your own mental/ mindfullness health is vital.
  3. Acknowledge Your Blessings; Gratefulnness. Happy and successsful people tend to live more on a positive plane of existance ather than negative. They soon discover there is ALWAYS something to be grateful for daily. It’s ok to search for the benefits of your pain/ troubles and issues, If nothing else perserverence is being built.
  4. Wake up on your terms, and go to be on your term too. Daily programming and YOU controling your life offers both meaning, and makes a great us of all 24 hours in each of our days, we all have the same 24 hours to utilize.
  5. Accomlish ONE task per day that you have been putting off, or that overwhelms you. Everyone has pursuits and jobs that need to be accomplished, happy people don’t choose ‘the pursuit of joy’ as their only motivating factor, they search for benefit of the job being done. All those overwhelming lists and unaccomplished items – CHOOSE ONLY ONE per day and watch the insiration ball start to roll.

“Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be” – Abraham Lincoln.

Set your daily intention to choose happiness and live lovingly.

xo Dr. Dee Hacking

To work with me simply send me an email or message and ill personally be in touch.

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