The New Cloud Day – lessons from a butterfly.

The 300 stairs in front of me ascending the vertical distance, from my vantage point, rising into the clouds are the keys to my metabolic freedom. These steps resemble my commitment to my ‘49 days to my own success at age 49!’ They also remind me of the many hurdles in life and I must push forward with strength no matter what one small step at a time.

My Facebook post, at the moment before I place my foot on the first rising concrete classic straight style step, acts as an accountability clause, not to boast, but to write my hashtag #newclouds #cloudflowjoggers it’s my New Clouds Day as I jog into the clouds ON my new clouds. My feet will thank me for that. 

Also in that exact moment, my mind recalls the Gratitude card I pulled this morning at sunrise in my daily morning routine was ‘a joyous moment will make your day’ the card depicting a large cloud, a magnificent rainbow, and a butterfly at the time I thought ‘how nice’. This image is playing through my mind like a movie reel as I pace myself up the stairs one by one, being so grateful for my new cloud shoes as I keep my breath regular and calm. I wonder why the butterflies I see daily I can never capture, or admire at a close vantage point. The heavens opened, Each raindrop penetrating my oversized shirt and soon I was drenched, but I kept going. No butterflies around today, no humans either, I guess they looked at the weather forecast and took heed to the approaching storms. My ‘49 days of exercise’ I was not missing out on my stair run due to the forecast.

The rain stopped, a dense cloud moved overhead and the sun came out. A brilliant rainbow 🌈 arched over me, and what seems like a million butterflies 🦋 were suddenly everywhere. I stopped. Ones that seemed moth-like, gorgeous blue ones and orange-spotted ones too. I stood there. I just stood there, mystified.



No stress.


An amazing thing happened. The butterflies landed on my hand and tickled with their little feet. My forehead wore more butterflies, and the ones that landed on my shoulders I could peer out with my peripheral vision while I remained frozen in time. Admiration filled me to my core. A universal message I received that day.; the clouds, the rainbow, the gratitude, the rain, the lack of humans, the steps, the butterflies taught me the most valuable lesson of my life. 

My daily pushing and rushing, ambition, and stress that I have created in my life, Constantly CHASED and planned, (My favorite TV show was even called The Chase) IF I just STOPPED. Just Be. Be STILL. QUIET. CALM…and all that I desire will flutter towards me. The more you chase a butterfly the more they will not be caught, be still and relax and they will come and land on you. 

Amazing what happens on a New Cloud Day. This joyous moment made my day indeed and in that moment changed my life. 

Lessons from a Butterfly:

Be patient, all good things will come in quiet moments. Be still.

Be Free. Be joyous and look for the beauty around you. Be calm.

Be in the moment. Enjoy the clouds, the rain and the sunshine more than you usually do. No stress.

xo Dr. Dee Hacking

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