Supercharge YOU by eliminating the nonsense in your life!

What is it in your life right now you could eliminate that doesn’t serve you well?

What continually makes no sense, or is even foolish, that hijacks your time, happiness, and has you feeling guilty? Upon nightly reflection of my day, a fun mini-review of my accomplishments and time targets, I discovered my constant need to stop rushing has me doing exactly that – RUSHING. Asking others too also highlighted the many meaningless activities we all get up to on a daily basis, how crazy, daily nonsense that keeps us stuck.

I did this exact exercise with a client of mine last week.

I asked her to record for three days what were all her activities and thoughts in regards to what she did. She was astounded that she was on Facebook for a total of 2 hours a day, that was her ‘relaxing’ time, but didn’t know it, the relaxing time she actually wanted to do was reading a book but never found time to. The next step she said she felt quite depressed about. 1 hour of feeling guilty, 2 hours of being distracted and prevented her from doing the most important things in the day, then self-loathing as she didn’t accomplish all the things she should have and ultimately spent time doing things she shouldn’t have. This drove her to consume chocolate, drink too much coffee, even a couple of wines at night to relax, and then she threw her ‘healthy week’ in the f*k-it-bucket’! She herself voiced the fact that if she had reduced the unacceptable behavior the trainwreck wouldn’t have occurred and her ‘heath week’ would have been a total success. Guess what she is doing this week?

I did a poll, I got similar results from others.

Eliminating all the nonsense is the key to feelings of self-accomplishment and other basic human needs in regards to feeling successful at what we do and how to live a lifestyle actually want to live. We all want to feel comfortable in our lives, we need to be valued and self-value is the biggest need. We need to feel important and needed, involved in the pursuit of validation, and to be a part of something worthy.

All this unfortunately doesnt happen when we fill our days with nonsense activities and thoughts.

So, how can we supercharge ourselves?

  1. Choose one thing to accomplish today, and when done, congratulate yourself on that one thing. This one act covers many of our human needs.
  2. Time targets (I like these two words more than ‘time management’) This eliminates overwhelm. JUST DO IT. START THOSE THINGS YOU ARE PROCRASTINATING ABOUT with tiny baby steps.
  3. Unplug from social media, create some rules around when you access your emials, FB and other random things has hijacked your attention in the past. SHUT THE DOOR. Your life is not an open door policy.
  4. Read something daily from a book.
  5. Complete unfinished business.
  6. Do something you haven’t done before ( even on a small scale: dress up one day for work, share a smile with someone unexpected)

Be proud of yourself for getting rid of the nonsense in your life, and realize you are setting up a great new lifestyle for yourself. This recalibration process will elevate your energy instantly and inspire you, and others around you too. Trust me!

What are you going to do today to feel more self-accomplished? I’d love to hear from you and let me know what things you are eliminating in your life.

Happy re-calibrating and supercharging!

xo Dr. Dee Hacking

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