Not to be dealt with later…

In the heart of our house, tucked into every corner, is love. Love for life, love for others, and love for wanting to create the best US and the best LIFE for us to lead. Also in the heart of our house is a spare room with the door closed, “the dispensary” affectionately known, it’s also a large filing cabinet. Today, that cluttered room got the best love in the world: The culling of papers and clutter. Some special papers were set aside “to be dealt with later”, some were read on the spot, nostalgia building within my veins, and some were eye-opening.

It’s a day that started with rain, more rain, then surprise, more rain again. I lit a candle before sunrise with coffee of course, then sat with my Moon diary accounting the last few week’s activities, a mini-self review I shall come back to later, I told myself. I correlated the moon phases with my energy levels and planned the following two weeks in accordance with my 90day plan. Breakfast time and then inspired to ‘clean out some clutter’ for a number of reasons, but it was also bin day and I could fill the bin with ‘some of the mess in the dispensary.’

Soon surrounded by office crap and a plethora of no-longer-needed papers, I came across a series of letters I has written to myself. ‘Letters to my future self. Yes as a result of my coaching, I continued to write letters to myself.

Letter 1, dated back in 2018, congratulates me for MANAGING myself and my life so well, much better than previously, and highlights the fact it’s time to make serious changes for the future I actually want to love, not survival mode.

Letter 2 dated 8 months later apologizes for being too hard on myself for the past 20 years.

Letter 3 dated 12 months after letter 2, notes another congratulation for kicking goals, winning business awards, and explaining why I had been living in the fright-and-flight mode for 30 years.

Letter 4 was a less racy paced letter, feeling the calmness and love all around me, I was choosing my path wisely and telling myself I had not needed to go through so many things alone. That I had now slowed down and was actually living the life I so desired years ago.

I find myself noticing the pattern here. How did I know back then when I wrote these letters that they would become my future to the letter?

Creating, believing, loving, and attracting, without ever giving up.

I now sit here and write a letter to my future self. Congratulating her on my next three International Bestselling books, my next business and coaching award, my successful medical clinic, and the purchase of our new apartment. I also mention CALMLY how blissfully happy and joyous I am in my life, how I support others, and how I love my family, and my rock, my husband John.

Never underestimate the power of your future self, your future is not to be dealt with later, and your current thoughts and habit, as are paving the way for your future.

I really am excited to receive today’s letter a year from now, celebrate my wins and then pop it with the other letters to myself.

Dr. Dee Middendorp-Hacking.

I love to connect with people all over the world and reach out.

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