What do you do with all those amazing ideas?

Nourish them, dispel them, do them for a week, do them for a month, give up totally? Then tell others, and stop yourself entirely? Even before all of that though, what do you do? So many good ideas turn out to be bad ideas that offer overwhelm into your life, I know I’ve had soo many myself! Nonproductive ideas slip in, and ‘hurtful ideas’ are everywhere, how do you sift through them, and which ones serve you well? How do you know this at the invention of the basic idea?

AGHHHH – overwhelm, mental confusion, stuff it, don’t do anything at all?

Sound familiar?

I surveyed 30 people, then another 30 overtime, and 98% said they abandoned their new ideas and practices within a few days and never found out if they actually served them well or not. This is how we remain stuck. Interesting most people are stuck in something that doesn’t serve them.

I am not one of them anymore.

I was listening to one of my daily clips on a Reel about 12 months ago, and I have never been the same since.

Your ‘to-do list’ or ‘ideas’ all get brain dumped and charted on a Sunday. Sorting through the list categorizing them ALL in a square with #1 quadrant 2022 goal, #2 quadrant 2022 goal, #3 quadrant 2022 goal, #4 quadrant vacuum square.

Anything that is in the Vacuum square GETS ELIMINATED as a ‘non-serving’ idea.

for example; ME;

#1 2022 goal is a lifestyle goal, facilitating a new home and marriage quality. Everything on my list for the following week that has to do with facilitating the purchase and moving to our new home and dedication to my marriage and husband, and personal and mental health, goes in this box.

#2 2022 Income passive and active revenue to a $ figure ( that I do not wth to disclose here) Everything that is active income, passive income, or associated with building and leveraging $ is in this box.

#3 2022 The writing and release of three (3) Authorship Books. Everything associated with writing, research, publishing, etc goes in this box.

#4 Every action, activity, problem, and time-consuming entry in this VACUUM box is a bad idea for me, one I then say NO to and eliminate from my coming week.


  • Cleaning out the office and getting rid of clutter when I’m supposed to be working? Is this a good idea? yes, IN A “BREAK” a great thing to do as it supports the #1 goal.
  • *Doing Tai Chi weekly in addition to my regular workout as a bestie and I did last week, sounds like a fab idea, I enjoyed it so much, good idea? Yes, this also supports #1 goal.
  • Adding another Crypto activity to my morning routine, good idea? Yes, supports my #2 goal.
  • Can I run an art class each month as a stand-in session – not confirmed, can I do a talk on a podcast I’m not currently involved with for free, can I run another workshop extra per month – NO, they fit into the Vacuum box.
  • Can I run a marketing campaign for someone else for a month? No, Vacuum.
  • Create a few extra hours of writing each week by eliminating another non-supportive activity. Yes, supports #3 goal.

Give it a try, let me know how it goes for you?

Happiness is to enjoy an uncluttered life, happiness is to enjoy your own company AND the company of others, happiness is to enter calmly into the next week with ease and joy, happiness to me is to feel accomplished and productive, calm and caring, healing others. Being patient has not always been my strong point and the universe sends me hints and emotions to balance my growth and intention. Our own spirit does try to block anything uncomfortable and sends us along a path to offer a weary embrace, it’s time to work through and continue to evolve, rather than to arrive.

xo Dr. Dee Middendorp-Hacking

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