Drinking Naked.

I have always loved a little unpredictable humor. I have never seen myself as a funny person but according to my personality profile, I’m considered ‘witty’, my friends say this about me too, I just don’t see it, my blind spot I guess. 

I recently became ‘An Angel’ of Naked Wines Australia, I had received a $50 voucher and thought I’d love $50 of bubbles at no cost to me. Perfect. I got an email from the Naked Wearhouse Crew that my box of bubbles was on its way to my work address, Allied Health Clinic. Double perfect! “Welcome, you are one of our newest Naked Angels, we are thrilled to have you” along with a list of member benefits. Triple perfect!

My colleague announced as I walked out of my clinical room that a box was delivered for me, ‘Drink Naked’ in bold typeface the box read as it stood on the reception desk. ‘Oh, my Bubbles!” I was excited. I then noticed the irony of wine delivery to a health clinic, and we all had a giggle. ‘I guess we are drinking naked tonight!” which is the exact line I told my husband in a quick phone conversation in between clients. He seemed to be excited too. 

I arrived home and walked in the door, there is my husband holding two empty wine glasses, NAKED. My eyes flashed open with surprise, as did my neighbor’s eyes who stood behind me, my husband’s eyes also widened, and his face flushed when he saw the bold lettering on my box of bubbles NAKED WINES. I guess he didn’t get the memo. Also‘ witty’ is not what he called me, my new pet name for him is my Naked Angel. 

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xo Dr. Dee


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