I’ve not been well versed in concealing my impatience. From a young age, I heard my Mother well versed in the French language from her global travels, she would be calling to me in my times of agitation, “Avec de patience” and I recall when I started school the teacher said to Mother, It’s wonderful you all speak French at home. As the Queen song states, ‘I want it all and I want it now!’ I guess this has been the theme of my life, until now. Sometimes I can be extraordinarily patient as long as I get my way in the end. 

What goes hand in hand with impatience? Frustration and overwhelm, well, for me it has been over the past 30 years. This year in 2022 I’ve decided to work on my patience, it seems patience testing is around each corner for me this year. I’ve been writing a book for too many years than I’d like to admit. This alone is frustrating me as I write books and authorship pieces for paying clients no trouble, but not my personal project. I’ve had tech issues and lost my book three times, and recommenced over and over, lucky I have a very good memory. Lesson learned. That’s only the start of my troubles regarding this book, I even convinced myself maybe it wasn’t something I was supposed to write at all. No! Yes, it is- Keeps going at it, Dee. But it is supposed to be completed and released in 2020. KEEP GOING. The mental battle within myself has been horrendous, my ‘pre-sales’ clients have been asking where their copy is, and my ‘reformatting’ of the book, file sizes, pdf and jpeg, and png formats, has nearly led me to destruction. PATIENCE. 

Daily I listen to Abraham Hicks, and Wayne Dyer, and I consult my own cards and intuition my recurring theme in 2022 for me has been ‘Enjoy the journey, ‘There is much to learn’, ‘Patience is a skill developed from courage impatience’. This lead me to a conversation with a dear friend, and client, this past week, “Polished Patience” she said. 


Polished, sparkling knowledge learned, valuable skills attained along the journey, enjoy the last few minutes as it will soon be over and onto the next adventure. POLISHED with glamour and vibrancy. Yesterday my book goal has been completed. I polished it off and off to the publishers it went. 

I’ve had my patience tested, and it’s still negative. A journey for myself to learn from no doubt. Time to idle my motor while I attempt to strip the gears.  I know the universe is full of magical things, patiently waiting for my wits to grow sharper. 

Today, I’ve inspired myself. What motivates me? The alternative does. What’s the alternative if you are uninspired, unmotivated, and impatient? Not what I want to be that’s for sure. Only the mediocre are unpolished. Be your best self daily, even a tiny bit better than you were yesterday.

xo Dr. Dee


  1. What’s the alternative if you are uninspired, unmotivated, and impatient? Not what I want to be that’s for sure. Only the mediocre are unpolished.
    This has me thinking, what am I doing everyday to be more polished?
    Its Making time, daily for the things I love in life, meal prepping so I can nourish my body well, drinking lots of fresh water to keep hydrated, being with like minded people who value & love me. Music, meditation, movement… And the list goes on .

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