About Us

We are in the Lifestyle Flipping Business, like that of a house flipper, we flip your life from the ground up. We utilitise our joint skills and in addition Dr. Dee as a Doctor, Homeopathic Physician and Injury Management specialist to transform lives. We offer support and a pathway to solutions for people who struggle with connection and stability in our high pressure environment to be a sparkling success.We offer Homeopathy, Coaching, one-on-one coaching, workshops, and also in addition if desired, an Online Business Opportunity to ‘Flip and Ditch your Boss’. 


I am Aussie from Melbourne, a dedicated wife, mother of three, we live on the Beach in Queensland whilst being a Doctor and Clinician of Homeopathy, Entrepreneur, Coach and Author. Previously involved with Autopsies, clinical massage therapist for 25years, Paranormal Investigator and Empath among my many others skills.

John is from Washington state, USA. Loving husband, father of three, previously in the Construction and Heavy Rail industry now also living happily in the beach in Qld! But it wasn’t always that way.

A year before we flipped our own lives and changed my career from a Clinical setting to freedom, I clicked up 80hrs to my working week, just living to survive. No family time, no vacation time, no ME time, a lack of cash, high blood pressure and stressed suffering a heart attack and two broken knees all in the same year!

We now work part time from our beach-house, exercise daily, travel regularly, quality family time, now have the opportunity to exceed my annual income within a 30 day period and are about to retire my husband into our business where we now work together.

Some pretty cool things happen in your life when you realise your current reality is what you’ve actually built. These products changed our lives immediately and we know they will change yours too.

I see things the way they really are without twisting reality to give blame or excuses to external factors. Taking ownership is where the real change occurs. Within first and then all the outward joys slip into place.


We have now tasted the good life, on our way to both personal and financial freedom, building our empire while assisting others to do the same -Flipping Lives!

Within the business we partner with, there is an income level and profit margin to out earn most annual salaries with 50k and 100k profit per month members, which is the main reason that I initially enquired myself, I could see that in our lives!

WE choose our NEW life. Finding little gems within each day”.

REACH OUT TO US if this resonates with you too and we will personally be in touch and get some FREE INFO over to you.

We assist people all over the world how to implement success strategies, generate wealth, offer great service, actioning themselves with Personal Development to become the best they can be and live their dreams, to develop their true potential.

Personal Development and Educational product line, Courses and Coaching is of International acclaim through our partnering international company. The teachings and ongoing support continues to assist people both personally, and in their business, to create their dreams and design their Vision for their future. Building an empire without an office while transforming lives.