About Us

We are in the Lifestyle Flipping Business, like that of a house flipper, we flip your life from the ground up. We utilitise our joint skills and in addition Dr. Dee as a Doctor, Homeopathic Physician and Injury Management specialist to transform lives. We offer support and a pathway to solutions for people who struggle with connection and stability in our high pressure environment to be a sparkling success. We offer Homeopathy, Coaching, one-on-one coaching and workshops.


I am Aussie from Melbourne, a dedicated wife, mother of three, we live on the Beach in Queensland whilst being a Doctor and Clinician of Homeopathy, Entrepreneur, Coach and Author. Previously involved with Autopsies, clinical massage therapist for 25years, Paranormal Investigator and Empath among my many others skills.

John is from Washington state, USA. Loving husband, father of three, previously in the Construction and Heavy Rail industry now also living happily in the beach in Qld! But it wasn’t always that way.