3 Tricks to beating body pain via becoming the CEO of your Life!

Manging your life is the hardest job, Right?

I know you have experienced the, ‘I’m out of here!” mindset too, most of us have, when the tough time, stress and then body pains take hold. Your mind escapes to those magical mountain scenes, or tropical beaches, where your worries have vanished and you are left with warm sun on your cheeks and fresh air in your lungs, pain free and calm.

Reality brings you back and, escapism pulls you away. So what do we do in that in-between space?

We make adjustments and create the life for ourselves where by we operate daily with greater easy, less pain and increase our happiness.

  1. Participate. It’s time to get engaged in life with what you can do, not what you can’t do. What is it you can do now to implement to be more on-point, a healthier you? Get up earlier, walk, journal, meditate, manage stress, manage your addictions ( whatever they may be), are you doing all these things? What did you like to do as a child for fun? Have you heard of the ’20 Little things highly successful people do’? In the course of doing all this regularly, you will notice your body pains will change, shift and diminish. YES! You are worth the effort!

2. Create a positive and success mindset. Be the ‘Person who is Winning’ at what you do. “HOW ARE YOU TODAY?” someone askes….you answer, “I’M WINNING”.

3. Practice Alpha Brain techniques to controlling pain, inflammation, stress, self-control, memory and relationships and apply Homeopathic principles for pain management.

For more amazing self-management tools and to broaden the scope listed above, come along to our Reset Retreat Saturday June 5th Wood street Mackay, a couple of tickets left, last day to book.

Turn knowledge into action and create the life you REALLY want to live!

xo Dr. Dee Middendorp-Hacking

Homeopathic Doctor, Transformational Coach and Internationally BestSelling Author

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