Eliminating the need to remain the same.

It’s great to start something BIG! Yes it is. Exciting and scarey all at the same time. But often, we return to the same old self as before the BIG something happened. The ‘same’ is safe and comfortable, easy, even so familiar we can be on auto-pilot. Now it’s super-easy; Same. Same. Same. Then we daydream of FREEDOM and WEALTH, and exciting times, and our dreams. We also know if the dream isn’t scarey, it isn’t big enough. Now we have scarey dreams and big future desires. So how do we build a bridge from the same old life to that dream life with freedom and wealth that we so desire?

By eliminating the need to remain the SAME.

Allowing change awakens the inside. Not so long ago, I sat with a bowl of salt and sliced lemons, wincing at the taste yet determined to rid myself of this stress-induced migrane, I acknowledged that I needed to release the fear, release my blaming of others for my situation, and let go of my desire to self-criticize. I do actually know that along my pathway to my own freedom and wealth, these things need to occur. NOW. Right then and there with the salt stinging my finger-sprays and the lemon juice biting into my mouth ulcers, time to use all my energy towards self improvement instead. Giving up the need to control everything around me, it’s exhausting for sure. It’s been exhausting for the past 20 years. Putting an end to my past (as great and successful as a Doctor as I was- I still wasn’t where I wanted to be- Dreamed of being), compaining got me nowhere.

No excuses. An excuse will always be there to hide behind if you don’t eliminate the need to remain the SAME. It’s a decision.

Now positive thoughts become me. Focusing on FEELINGS and how to be non-reactive and more loving each day, how to make my feelings wonderful for me and others that surround me, daily exercise, planning, living on-point with my goals, meditation and time set aside for myself and my loved ones. Eliminating the need to remain the same and excited for a the ‘Big Somethings’ on their way!

What do you need to eliminate for change to occur in your life and to head towards your dreams and Big Scarey Goals? What life lemons do you need to stop eating?

“Life is a journey, not a destination” – Ralph Waldo Emerson. The process of learning and change is more important than the end result.


Dr. Dee Middendorp-Hacking, 2020.

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