Coins, Swords and Cups.

I intended on creating a life I didn’t I need a break from. But along the journey, Life, whispers to me as I walk and climb, I must listen to my heart more. More space to BE – To breathe, to stretch, to grow. The whisper of life gets stronger; Care little for what others think, not focusing on the strain and struggles life brings, slow down along the way and enjoy the view a little more than you do. My growth is the process and journey for more coins, filling my cups and less sharp swords.

Giving less of my todays away for tomorrows successes.

Breathe it in.

Visualise the Cups overflowing, The bountiful coins.

Amazingly as my daily gratitude for IT ALL increases, the swords are not only less jagged, removing themselves from my body, but now I know those around me are experiencing the flow effect and their swords too are smoother and less abundant.

The cards that appeared today, as I sit here just after sunrise embracing my morning energy of gratitude and write my journal, are of Cups of solace and overflow, Coins of arrival and family riches and swords of previous calamity that has now departed. Today my theme is embracing my TODAY energy in a calm fashion, knowing the energy of my own solace and ‘I’ve made it’ success and arrival with previous stressed abated.

What energy are you living in today?

Imagine a person who believes it is right to live in the energy of being a good person. Imagine a person who honours their experiences daily and tells their story happily who refuses to carry the negativity of others around in their body. Imagine a person who trusts and respect themselves. Imagine a person who acknowledges their past influences yet now, is not affected by them? Imagine a person whom deigns their own spirituality and day with a wise voice?


I wish you a sparkling day xx

I love to connect with people form all over the globe, Id love to her from YOU!

I’m Dr. Dee- health entrepreneur, Doctor, Homeopath, transformational Coach, Business Coach and Author.

My next book release id Dec 1st 2020 – co-authoring a change Makers volume

February 2020 release of “‘Spruik It- cultivating the willingness to back yourself to success” release WATCH THIS SPACE.

xo Dr. Dee Middendorp-Hacking

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