Just kick it out the door!

Ambition, passion, and a laser focus kicks those comfort zones right out the door. This is where growth happens, and where goals are met.

The trick is to do it quietly with a self-care focus.

There are many unique ways in which people have manifested through a QUIET selection of meditation, soulful action, heartfelt ambition, and laser focusing. For one, ME!

This is my method. Addressing the purpose and talking to the goals directly.

Talking to the purpose, and manifesting the desired end result is fulfilling, noting that the pathway along the way is filled with lessons that you reply to “what now can I learn from this situation”, which at the time seems very unfulfilling.

Is it awesome and comfortable to do this? NO.

Is it desirable to day by day plan, meditate on it, JUST SIT WITH IT, and focus your routines to precision with intentions highlighting the end health result? I experiences a lot of pushback within my own emotions and schedule with this principle. It wasn’t until I mastered it, it felt frustrating and time consuming. My publisher, Emma, introduced me to this idea- ‘JUST SIT WITH IT DEE’. I STRUGGLED.

It is atainable, but it’s outside your comfort zone for sure. Talk to the goal. Speak to it like it has arrived. Welcome newness. Be quiet and still and listen to the calling, until you do, chaos will prevail.

Years ago I repeatedly told myself that I could do anything I wanted, and do it all at once.

I now have decided I still can do anything, but not all at once if I am to be precise and laser-focused. Repeated mental tracks that solidify within the entry of your soul BECOME YOU.

BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU MANIFEST for yourself. Doing things over and over again and expecting a different result = insanity. I’ve pondered this one a lot over the past few years. There is magic hidden in there for me. I was experiencing a great deal of stress in my life from many different areas, I started to learn to stop myself when I felt the stress coming on, notice my emotions, feel them but not get influenced by them, or if others around me in “attack” mode, or my emotions on attack mode themselves. An astonishing thing happened. I JUST SAT WITH IT IN A NEW KIND OF SILENCE, a form of self-emotion-meditation-mode. My health returned, my sparkle came back and everyone around me started to comment on how ‘relaxed’ I looked and how much younger I looked too. A lady I hand’t seen for over 15 years commented that I hadn’t aged a bit! My ‘WHY’s’ changed, my outlook changed, even our businesses changed, our goals changed and our manifesting changed too.

The gratitude that arrives in that QUIET moment runs deeper than the problems I face.

Kick those comforts zones right out the door and BE the sparkling you with passion.

xo Dr. Dee Hacking.

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