I had been running out of air for years, and didn’t know it!

“Get Me Outta ‘ere” was an internal mantra for longer than it should have been.

The external view was that I am super successful in business and in life; houses, great kids, a constant stream of amazing clients, perfect life. Did I want it exactly the same as it was – NO. I liked what I had going on, so I keep it that way for many years, it was comfortable and easy, but I was blue. I would cry at the door, cry on the toilet, and emotionally react to so many things. “Baby don’t worry it all will work out” I also used to chant to myself to flip my vibe. I felt there was so much more to my life, but I was stressed daily and my health started to slip.

I never ran out of vision, stamina ( I was like a Duracell battery) dedication, or effort. I could feel there was ‘levels of incompleteness’ there for me but wasn’t sure of the pathway or source. I can see I was running out of air daily. I was uber successful in my chosen field and had the life so many others only dreamed of. I likened myself to a duck on water but I was beginning to drown, and choke, in my own life and didn’t even know it. “Don’t choke on your Halo” someone once said to me, maybe they knew more than I did at the time. I cared too much and I was not solution-based, I was problem-based ‘solving problems daily’ for both myself and my patients.

Something about it all was sitting wrong.

It was time to quit my own games and mind tracks, and just not touch all the ‘questions’ I had for myself.

I ran run out of f**uck to give.

This was my turning point.

The importance of the opinions of others left me, my stress started to decrease, my health returned, new love entered my life, happiness and sparkle became me and I began to flourish.

I got played by life, and I allowed it. I was continually mad at myself, I couldn’t breathe, and I was responsible for it.

GET ME OUTTA HERE protocol, so I ask you what’s your exit plan?

F*8ck it and go for it- with a plan, vision and high energy that NO NONE will have the ability to play games and sentence you to your own life.

Each weekend start building a life that you want to flourish in, not a weekend to escape your current life. Wear an Oxygen mask of your own life and replenish your own air. There is so much more for you, build it for yourself, don’t play your own flower games.

xo Dr. Dee

PS- share with me your new internal mantra.

Mine: I own my own core energy and air. I don’t clutch my own life, just hit the accelerator.


  1. Dee as usual you are here when I need you. A bit lost at the moment but should be grateful for all I have You name gets brought up a lot as you were and will remain to be such a wonderful thing we had in our lives. Till we moved. 😦

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