Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality.

Lewis Carrolls words, from Alice in Wonderland, resonates within my head. The deep reverberating sound of my own thoughts; ‘Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality’. Sometimes the desire to leave the real world is certainly strong, especially during time of this global pandemic outbreak wherby the view of reality can be quite bleak and visciuos. SO how do we tap into our imagination, or, do you run from what’s inside your head?

Never a better time to make today magic within my own mind.

In our industry of personal development, we spruik the magic behind visualisation process and realising you own dreams, and implimenting visualisation stratergies to LIVE your dreams as though you have already arived.

Yet again, imagining and viewing is the ONLY weapon in the war of our own immediate reality.

I see a theme here.

Be one of the rare ones, be effortly yourself, both the world and your future self will love you for it. Let your child-like imagination guide you daily though the hard times, the harsh reality and let yourself be set free. Fall down the rabbit hole, walk through the mirror, drink the magic potion and don’t go back to yesterday, you were a different person then!

I though it would be a nice thing to share with the world whilst many thousands of peole are in lockdown globally, LIVE streaming of my morning routine. Sounds strange but it’s autheritally me. I live on the beach, I witness sunrise daily and take my Meditation Gong to the beach and enjoy my private space of meditation with my Gong as the sunrises, welcoming the new energy for the day. SO I LIVE stream from my DR. DEE-HOMEOPATHY facebook page, im suprised at how many others think its an amazig thing too, a morning wonderland of amazing colours and electric energy can be felt from my glorious position on the beach into their houses, a little bright spark to commence the day. It’s a thing, not just my ‘quirky thing’, but an amazing thing!

‘Her world was a mess, so she lost herself in a world of Wonderland madness’. – Lewis Carroll


  • Be curious, and curiouser!!!!!
  • Find yourself a little adventure, small as it may be
  • Do your ‘weird-Authentic thing’….being weird is a natural side effect of awesome.
  • Learn one new thing per day
  • Believe something new before breakfast
  • Every one of your Dreams and Goals require a single first step, so make the first step.
  • Close your eyes and develop and clear image of you future self.
  • Make a plan, write it down, be inventive
  • Embraceand re-kindle your creativity
  • Handmake someting.
  • Go outside and just observe and listen

Decide where to channel your energies and become your amazing self, while creating your magical reality.

xo Dr. Dee

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