No answer is an answer. 2 min read.

A person stood on a mountain walking a trail, and cried. In between sobs the person shouted out, looking up to the sky, “Please just solve my financial problems, all I need is to win big on the lottery, please give me an answer, will I be ok in the end, will I win?” silence. “Please show me a sign?” Silence. More crying. More silence. The person was expecting a beaming voice to answer. No voice came. A monkey-chatter began inside the person’s head. ‘buy a ticket, you cannot win without a ticket, buy a ticket. ‘ At that same time, a group of people approached and were talking about financial mastery of their own, “The magic lies within your budget, if you can’t manage $1,000 dollars then you cant manage a million!” One of the ladies said emphatically to the other, “Yeh, these lottery winners blow it all ‘cos they don’t know anything about money management!”

No response can be frustrating, to say the least, whether it be from your significant other, work-related, community-related, or universally related. The gold lies within your response to no response; accept that you can’t control it, or emotionally respond. I used to be the latter.

The most popular question I have found, both for myself and many others over my 48 years in this lifetime, is asking the universe/or higher power/ or a passed loved one, for a sign from above? We, humans, tend to turn off and stop listening, also and not taking in our surroundings, or paying any attention, signs may be all around us are we remain oblivious even when having asked ‘for a sign’.

The Modus Operandi I have adopted is respect for myself and others at all times. This leaves me with being truly committed to what I do and say, to overcome adversity, taking the challenge win or lose, then never complain again just take it on, and set my intention to be victorious.

So the answer may well be managing the tasks at hand with care despite the philosophical anger of defenses we emotionally apply, I’ve found solace in BEING OK WITH IT, and GETTING OVER IT, and accepting the challenge. Not saying anything is everything, and having no answer is often an answer. When the application within time is strength, courage, and endurance you may just well find results flow in, not answers.

Turn your potential on with your own personal substance and grit, with care.

xo Dr. Dee Middendop-Hacking

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